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Tutorial Computer System Servicing- NCII

Discussion in 'Academic & Campus Talk' started by xian vench, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. This is subject for revision. I will find time to finish this thread. Stay updated. I will provide step by step procedure in each area. God bless!

    TESDA offers Computer System Servicing- NCII in replacement to CHS (Computer Hardware Servicing). This thread aims to provide step by step tutorial for you guys.

    CSS is devided into 4 areas which is referred to as CoC (Clash of Clans), just kidding.
    You can not proceed to the next CoC until you can complete the first task.
    Certificate of Completion (CoC)

    COC 1 - Installing Computer Systems and Networks (2 Hours)
    -Disassemble/ Assemble Desktop Computer
    -Prepare Installer (Creating Portable Bootable Device)
    -Configure BIOS
    -Install Windows Server 2008 R2
    -Install Microsoft Office
    COC 2 - Configuring Computer Systems and Networks (2 1/2 Hours)
    -Creating Network Cables
    -Network Configuration
    -Set router/Wi-Fi/wireless access point/repeater configuration
    -Inspect and test configured computer network
    COC 3 - Setup Computer Server (1 1/2 Hours)
    -DHCP Server
    -DNS Server
    -File Services
    -Folder Redirection
    -Remote Desktop
    -Printer Management
    COC 4 - Maintaining Computer Systems and Networks (1 Hour)
    -Creating System Restore Point
    -Creating System Backup Image
    -Using the created Restore Point to restore the system
    -Using the created Backup Image
    -Disk Defragmentation
    -Disk Cleanup
    -Scanning for viruses (anti-virus)
    -Oral Questioning

    Tools, Materials, Equipment

    PC Disassemble/Assemble

    -Screw Drivers (Standard, Philip)
    -Pliers (Mechanical, Longnose) - optional
    -Anti-static Wrist Strap - optional
    -Anti-static Mat - optional

    For OS Installation:
    -Windows Server 2008 Installer
    -Windows 7 Installer (During Assessment, you will only install Windows Server 2008R2)
    -Device Drivers

    For Networking:
    -Impact Punch Down Tool
    -Crimping Tool
    -UTP Cable
    -pâtch Panel
    -Network Switch
    -Router with WI-FI

    Certificate of Completion 3
    Set-up Computer Server
    Task 1: Setting IP address back to Static

    (Your last task in COC2 was to set the IP address to Dynamic/ Obtain. This time you need to change it back to static. The following IP address serves as an example)
    4. Change IP to Static.jpg
    4. Change IP to Static 2.jpg

    Task 2: Setting FDRP, FDPH, SSDP, UPnP to Automatic

    5. Setting FDRP, FDPH, SSDP, UPnP to automatic.jpg
    A. Set Function Discovery Resource Publication to Automatic
    5.1 Setting FDRP to automatic.jpg
    B. Set Function Discovery Provider Host to Automatic
    5.2 Setting  FDPH to automatic.jpg
    C. Set SSDP Discovery to Automatic
    5.3 Setting SSDP Discovery to automatic.jpg
    D. Set UPnP Device Host to Automatic
    5.4 Setting UPnP to automatic.jpg
    Now, turn on Network Discovery, file and printer sharing but turn off password protected sharing
    6. Turning On Network Discovery.jpg
    This is subject for revision. I will find time to finish this thread. Stay updated. I will provide step by step procedure in each area. God bless!
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2015
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  2. BlackArchAngel

    BlackArchAngel Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    nagdaan nako dito ayos to TS :D
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  3. Atleast high school grad batalaga sir bago maka pasok sa tesda?
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  4. Sorry po, d po ako sa TESDA nagtratrabaho. Baka mali pa na info. maibigay ko sayo. High School Student ka? Pro dati rinig ko e dapat high school grad ka.
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  5. Nag stop na poh ako gusto ko sana mag tesda
    , post: 882804, member: 395938"]Sorry po, d po ako sa TESDA nagtratrabaho. Baka mali pa na info. maibigay ko sayo. High School Student ka?[/QUOTE]
    Nag stop na po ako
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  6. Baka may TESDA Center kayo dyan na malapit. Kindly refer nalang po sa kanila. God bless!
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  7. Tnx sir!! God bless po
  8. cirilo143

    cirilo143 Enthusiast Established

    Question: Isang araw lang po na tutorial ng tesda to ? or ...
  9. napagdaanan ko na rin to...
  10. Ako_ay

    Ako_ay Forum Veteran Established

    Anti static wrist strap.
    Anti static mat.

    Kadalasan sa nakikita kung nag aayos ng pc di na sila gumagamit ng ganito.
    Kaya siguro pinapagamit yan dati. Iwas sira sa bios. Marami namang mga board ngayon naka dual bios na. Kung magkapareho naman mga board mo pwede din namang hot swap method na lang.
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  11. salamat dito sir (:
  12. Hnde po. Sisikapin ko po na maturo lahat. Antay-antay lang muna medyo busy pa kasi.

    Na confirm ko na, dapat high school grad...
  13. Salamat sa Share sir.Malaking tulong to :D
  14. salamat sir for sharing
  15. EARZE

    EARZE PHC Contributor Established

    thanks for sharing boss.. (y)
  16. thanks share boss
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  17. Ito yung course ko ngayon :D
  18. Salamat sa information. Happy new yr. to all.
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  19. Natuturo po ba kayo nyan ser?
    tyvm po
    makano po heto po number ko 09153063143
    interesado po ako
  20. Ayos . Pero sayang tapos na ako mag assesment ... pa ask mga boss may group ba yung nag sye- share tungkol sa computer trouble ??

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