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Comodo antivirus 6.0.264710.2708

Discussion in 'Windows Applications (Freeware only)' started by richardrr, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    Developed by one of the world’s leading IT security providers, Comodo AntiVirus leverages multiple technologies (including on demand & on access scanning, email scanning, process monitoring and worm blocking) to immediately start cleaning or quarantining suspicious files from your hard drives, shared disks, emails, downloads and system memory. Comodo Antivirus is the free way to rid your computer of viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, hackers, and other Internet threats. This version takes security to the next level by introducing auto-sandboxing of untrusted files – totally isolating unknown threats in a virtual operating environment where they cannot do harm. Scan any drive or file. Get in-depth reports on viral activity. Detect suspicious files that behave like viruses do. Even scan compressed .zip files, where viruses often hide. Proactive intelligent protection intercepts unknown threats. Comodo Antivirus also includes a mechanism for you to submit any files you think are suspicious to Comodo for analysis.

    You’ll get near-immediate feedback from our security experts and your own PC-using peers. Updated virus definitions are automatically downloaded according to a schedule that you choose or by one click on the ‘updater’ button. When used in conjunction with Comodo Firewall, your PC is being protected by two powerful tools to repel, track down, or destroy viral invaders. It’s a free security system offering multiple layers of protection that exceeds even the big guys out there. Includes free automatic updates for the latest in antivirus coverage. It’s real protection at no cost.
    Unique Antivirus Features::
    • Detects, blocks, and destroys viruses
    • Immediate feedback on suspicious files
    • Protects with On Access scanning
    • Schedule your scans
    • Daily automatic updates

    Antivirus Important Features:
    • Default Deny Protection™. Makes sure that only known PC-safe applications execute
    • Prevention-based security. Stops viruses and malware before they access your computer…so it isn’t too late to stop them.
    • Sandbox technology. The sandbox is a virtual operating environment for untrusted programs – ensuring viruses and other malicious software are completely isolated from the rest of your computer
    • Full strength, top notch virus detection and elimination. Our download offers free Antivirus protection that exceeds the protection offered by expensive security suites
    • Quarantine system to isolate suspicious files. Possible viruses are kept executing to ensure that nothing “sneaky” gets through
    • Personalized protection. Set virus scans to run on a schedule, when it’s convenient for you
    • One-click scanning. Make sure your PC is clean with one simple button click
    • Easy and user-friendly interface. Simply install and forget, while Antivirus continues to protect
    • Real-time access to updated virus definitions. Get the most current protection possible against new viral strains
    • Unique “slider” to easily change your current security level. Change the behavior of Antivirus to reflect your security preferences at any given time

    Operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
    Changes in Comodo Antivirus 6.0.264710.2708 – 30 January, 2013:
    * Improved Compatibility between some programs and sandbox/kiosk
    * Additional languages are now supported
    * Virtual Keyboard can be intercepted by certain key loggers
    * Advanced Settings Editor sometimes hangs
    * BSOD or Black Screen on Windows 8
    * Flash player plugin is erroneously auto-sandboxed
    * MSN Messenger can’t start IE if IE is configured to run in sandbox
    * CIS can’t run GB on Windows 8
    * Web Browsers can’t connect to the Internet when running in SandboxIE
    * Files cannot be moved from unrecognized files to trusted files
    * Realtime scanner doesn’t scan certain archives
    * Cancel button sometimes doesn’t function in manage exceptions dialog
    * Incompatibility with Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch graphics tablet driver
    * ‘system’ process is missing in running processes list
    * Java won’t start if Firefox, Palemoon, Dragon is running Sandboxed
    * Comodo Firewall doesn’t intercept HTTP packets for browser when installed Avast Free Antivirus

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