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Trivia Common Words That Used To Mean Completely Different Things

Discussion in 'Academic & Campus Talk' started by Yours, May 3, 2016.

  1. Cute (Dates to 1731)
    Today's Meaning: Pretty in a youthful way. Original Meaning: Clever, shrewd.

    Bully (Dates to 1538)

    Today's Meaning: Someone cruel to those weaker. Original Meaning: Sweetheart.

    Prestigious (Dates to 1546)

    Today's Meaning: Honored. Original Meaning: Involving trickery.

    Matrix (Dates to 1555)


    Today's Meaning: Pattern of lines and spaces. Original Meaning: Female breeding animal.
    Garble (Dates to the 1400s)

    Today's Meaning: Cause something to be confusing. Original Meaning: Sift, separate out impurities.
    Nervous (Dates to the 1300s)

    Today's Meaning: Jumpy. Original Meaning: Sinewy.

    Assassin (Dates to the 1200s)


    Today's Meaning: Killer of a VIP. Original Meaning: Hashish eater.
    Silly (Dates to the 1300s)

    Today's Meaning: Foolish. Original Meaning: Innocent.
    Nice (Dates to the 1300s)

    Today's Meaning: Kind, good. Original Meaning: Foolish, wanton.

    Backlog (Dates to 1684)

    Today's Meaning: Large number of jobs to be done. Original Meaning: Largest log in the hearth.
    Dapper (Dates to the 1400s)

    Today's Meaning: Stylish. Original Meaning: Brave.
    Girl (Dates to the 1300s)

    Today's Meaning: Young female. Original Meaning: Young person, either gender.

    Fantastic (Dates to the 1300s)

    Today's Meaning: Exceptional. Original Meaning: Existing only in the imagination.
    Buxom (Dates to the 1100s)

    Today's Meaning: Large-breasted. Original Meaning: Compliant.
    Fizzle (Dates to 1598)

    Today's Meaning: Fail weakly. Original Meaning: Fart quietly.

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