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Tutorial code for making a simple quiz game using notepad and cmd

Discussion in 'Coding, Programming' started by connectibyte, May 29, 2015.

  1. steps:
    1,)open notepad
    2.)type this code;
    echo off
    echo Hello, Welcome to salazar's Game
    echo What would you like to do ? ? ?
    echo 1) Start Game
    echo 2) Exit Game
    set /p letter=

    if %letter% == 1 goto start game
    if %letter% == 2 goto to exit game
    goto menu
    :start game
    echo Level 1
    echo Hello, Enter your name:
    set /p name=
    echo hello, %name%!
    echo how are you:
    set /p lala=
    echo You are feeling %lala%!
    echo That's Nice
    echo In which class you are studying:
    set /p class=
    echo You are studying in %class%
    echo That's Nice
    echo Means you are the children of Senior Wing !
    echo That's
    echo Anyway
    echo In which school you study:
    set /p school=
    echo You study in %school%!
    echo That's Nice
    echo The one who made me even study in %school%!

    echo What is your ClassTeacher name:
    set /p classteacher=
    echo Oh ! Your ClassTeacher name is %ClassTeacher%!
    echo Means the one who made me and you are friends!!!
    echo Am I Right: (yes or no)

    set /p right=
    if %letter% == yes WoW !
    if %letter% == no Never Mind

    echo Aman never told me about it !
    echo Who teaches you Social Science:
    set /p social science=
    echo %social science% Mam teaches you Social Science !!

    echo Itz Goooood !@!
    echo What's your Principal Mam name:
    set /p principal=
    echo Your principal name is %principal% !

    echo What is your mother's name:
    set /p name=
    echo Your Mother's name is %name% !
    echo Nice Name

    echo Ok Then Bye for NOW !!!!!!!!!
    echo Nice talking with you !
    3.)save it as mygame.bat and=====choose all files
  2. palitan ng @ ang ? sa umpisa ng code ang ? echo off
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  3. teotwawki16

    teotwawki16 Grasshopper Established

    try ts thanks po sa info
  4. g33onama17

    g33onama17 Addict Established

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