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Tools [COCBOT]MyBot 4.1.1 Modded Version[Free & Open-Source]

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans' started by mon1418, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. The new and innovated MyBot 4.1.1
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    Change log MyBot 4.1.1

    Collecting Mines/pumps with Collect resources disabled
    Bot not clearing shield after Take-A-Break, and not attacking loop
    Barracks mode with an additional dark troops training issues
    Slow close of Profile Report window creating errors and not attacking loops
    Bot doesn't pre-cook dark troops
    Training troops capacity problem, trouble reading number "2"
    Balloons in First slot position during attack returning the incorrect number
    TH Snipe not deploying Hero's or Clan Castle
    BS but not CoC opened when bot 1st started
    Boosting barracks confuses troop training
    Wallbreaker training issues
    Rare problem with reading "a" and "o" in building text OCR
    Unbreakable mode unnecessary farming due default values reversed
    Added Y offset to auto windows arrange to fix bad positions
    Donated troops not subtracted from camp properly, and train not adding troops properly
    Temporarily removed automatic version check due issues with GitHub repo
    Upgrade lab occasionally not reading values correctly for page 2 of lab upgrades
    Gem window not always closing if out of elixir during troop training
    modified open BS to stop a random recursive loop event
    village search not seeing OOS for 5 loops and going inactive and losing trophy

    Zoom out not working if user has black pixels in same place as window check
    Removed wall upgrade disable if code cannot find anymore walls to upgrade, keeps trying forever even if it’s hopeless
    Changed minimum troop requirements for unbreakable mode based on the attack dead base setting
    Troop training and balancing code adjusted for fewer out of balance events during TH Snipe
    Adjusted log messages for "out of Elixir" during training to show type of elixir
    Reset fast attack flag if Take-A-Break event happens to avoid rare looping issues due multiple errors.
    Increased Village search max wait times to compensate for slow PC with variable loop to not impact normal PC
    Changed barracks mode training to add max number of troops for lvl10 barracks
    Increased searching speed by removing unnecessary weak base searching, if other resource conditions are not met.
    Process to stop and Start BS/CoC for OOS or other errors
    Changed close BS code to include a stop of all processes and services.
    change order of profile report and village report to avoid replication of function calls.

    Error trap, and restart BS when BS is not running to avoid getBSPos crash
    Missing icons for Dark spells used in Lab Upgrade GUI
    Code to remove ghost icons created by restarting BS
    Button to misc tab to reset all building information by deleting building.ini
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  2. walang nakalagay kung pwd pc or android
  3. maro22

    maro22 Addict Established

  4. hk_ace

    hk_ace Addict Established

    na try naba to sa new update?
  5. gagana pa ba? nagupdate na eh..
  6. gumagana po to..sa bluestack lng pwde sa pc po
  7. hindi malaman ung capcha eh...pwede pahiram ng account para ma DL ko?
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