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[CoC] Helpful Tips sa mga MODS/BOTS mybot users

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans' started by Chad Drachter, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Credits to MBR Developer/Moderator (monkeyhunter)

    Now that SC is finally posted news of efforts to stop bots/mods; only point anyone knows for sure: ban risk is likely going to be higher in future, than it has been in past.

    Unless you are SC employee working software development, NO ONE has any more information. Please do not ask developers, moderators, or admin for more information on this topic!


    1) Ban warning for using 3rd party software has ALWAYS been in SC TOS.

    If you are not willing to accept risk of being banned, then stop using bot. Decision is for each user to make.

    2) Getting a BAN for using ïllêgâl software does not mean you lose your account.

    It just means you be prevented from playing game for set time period. Unless you have a history of game abuse, most users 1st warning for ïllêgâl software use is 31 day ban. 2nd ban has usually been 90 days. Only when caught using ïllêgâl software a 3rd time, will you get a permanent ban from account using ïllêgâl software. So getting caught/reported for bot use 1st time is not end of CoC, just a forced break to reflect on your violation of TOS. [​IMG]

    3) SC has been constant battle to prevent use of MOD apps (xMod/iMod) with CoC for several YEARS.

    SC has always been very quiet about changes made to stop bots. But only some bot users know biggest changes have been to prevent seeing traps/CC troops before attack to give unfair advantage to attackers. Every time SC makes anti-MOD changes, MOD's adapt and back working in a few weeks. In March 2016 update they changed code so that CSV mod files popular for some MBR users no longer work. So this new announcement is not earth shattering news. SC has always been working to stop MOD/Bot software.

    4) If SC wants to find users that are using ïllêgâl software, it is easy to find them.

    xModGames app(s) are easily detectable on every device, and many newer games refuse to run if a MOD app is running at same time. Android/IOS based farming bots are also easy to detect as they are sharing same OS resources as CoC app. Since Mod's are notoriously famous for use to cheat in war attacks, many predict these users will see 1st wave of ban warnings. Script based farming bots running on PC based emulators (like MyBot.run) are harder to detect as they are not resident inside Android OS with CoC app. In order to determine if CoC game activity is human or bot; SC will need to work a little harder. [​IMG] This does not mean they are unable to see if script bot is being used, only that much more data collected over longer period of time will be needed to ensure only bot users get banned, not users who play like a robot.

    Q) What can MyBot.run do to lower risk of being banned for ïllêgâl software?

    A: MBR already includes many features that are designed to lower ban risk.

    - MBR is script based, and does not reside inside Android OS running CoC app. It looks at emulator display; checking pixels/images, and using OCR to read text values. It clicks on screen and types text into CoC app just like human would do if using emulator to play CoC.

    - Smart attack ( Please or Register to view links@ReD line) will always drop troops in different positions based on base being attacked, and prevents constant bot like troop drops on edge of base.

    - Normal and Scripted CSV attacks both provide randomization of troop drop delay, and delay time between waves for attacks to mimic human attacks.

    - Scripted CSV attacks have ability to make intelligent choices for sides to attack based on enemy base layout.

    - Scripted CSV have ability to use Spells during attack (other bots can use spells)

    - Trophy drop will drop troops on random sides & locations for each attack

    - MBR has ability to make up to 4 different types of attacks based on what matchmaking provides; dead base, live base, bully mode, and TH snipe, and ALL can use different troops/attack plan

    - Village search random delay time to mimic human decision time to attack.

    - Can use schedules to enable donations, CC troop requests, CC drop, and barracks boosting.

    - Many Halt modes exist to enable users to mimic normal human playing schedules: can stop farming based on storage full, trophy level, run time, or when shield is present.

    - Can adjust bot operation time based on Personal Break timer.
    Despite all these items existing in side MyBot.run, it is up to each bot user to enable the features.

    Q) Can more anti-ban safe guards be added to MBR to reduce ban risk?

    A: Maybe? No one knows HOW SC is going to be finding bot users. When you figure it out, let us all know. [​IMG]

    Q) What should MBR users do about this new announcement?

    A: Do what you want. Decision to violate SC TOS is up to you! [​IMG]

    If using MBR:

    - use randomization features listed above. Make your bot settings look like human is playing.

    - Do not be greedy! Only run bot "normal" amount of time per day using Halt mode or extended PB log off time.

    - Do Not use FF, 8F, or any type of community MOD that looks like a bot attack, or you are asking for SC to take action.

    - Never discuss use of ïllêgâl software anywhere

    Q) Can developers create bot to avoid ban risk?

    A: No.

    Q) Is MyBot.run safe to use?

    A: If do not know answer to this question after reading this post, read #1 again!

    Clash On!


    Tips from other MBR members :

    Suggested by MBR Moderator (belmont)
    > For now my advice remove the csv mod and use smart attack

    Commented by MBR Regular Member (9612021375)
    > Considering this announcement i think we should temporarily stop using detectable mods like using four finger or 8 fingers and also stop doing/7 botting ... personally I will stop using bot for a few weeks once get full storage...better safe than sorry lol
    > I strongly suggest we should stop botting for a few days and give developers a way to counter this SC new rule ...Our developers here are smarter than them so it wouldnt be long before they find a way to do this .. But personally i dont want to lose my th10 base with almost everthing so i will stop botting untill its guranteed we counter this

    Commented by MBR Senior member (wizloa)

    In short.

    Please or Register to view links

    Ingats po ;)
  2. play safe muna mga idol hehe
  3. cramsky

    cramsky Addict Established

    Thanks for the tips TS. (y)(y)(y)
  4. Your welcome...
    No problem (y)
  5. Sir wala naba talgang pag asa ang mga na permenent ban sa coc hnd naman ako cheater sa coc pero yung nabili kong cp nka root my nka install na xmod ..baka kc dun nadali ang mga acc ko..sabay kc na ban ang mga acc ko...
  6. kakeramaru

    kakeramaru Journeyman Established

    Salamat mo sa info.
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