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COC CSV FILE,,update link

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans' started by chodiame, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. update ko lang link thread ni sir tazdevil, dami yata hindi umabot eh..hehe
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  2. ano to boss?
  3. this is file to see traps,tesla...and no type confirm in switching to other account..on coc
  4. CyrogeniX

    CyrogeniX Addict Established

  5. redhunter

    redhunter Addict Established

    panu po ito gamitin?
  6. this is for rooted android phone lang mga sir.. download root xplorer-->data--->data-->clash of clan supercell--->update......
    traps/building csv...paste nyo sa logic folder
    then yung no type confirm na txt.csv paste nyo sa CSV folder..
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  7. Tnx sa share napagana kona no typing confirm
    Wala ss cp ko pero 100% working keep it up
  8. natry ko to dati sa bluestack at working nman sya...
  9. Thanks dude. Keep sharing.

    Hindi ba ito nag eeror pag sabay sabay ang txt.csv at traps.csv? Nuong una, nag eeror eh.
  10. hindi naman po skin...check nyo sir baka pinagsama nyo yung txt.csv at traps.csv sa csv folder txt.csv lang dun
    yung traps.csv eh sa logic folder..mageeror talaga yan kpag mali pasuk mo..
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  11. Ok dude... try ko yan later. Thanks. Like.
  12. erielkurt

    erielkurt Addict Established

    thanks dito boss .. (Y)
  13. wc bro.

    nga pala para magmukang uulanin cloud nyo,sama nyo yung sc folder kung wala kayo sc folder gawa nlang kayo
    then pasuk nyo yung cloud.sc
  14. salamat dito sir pogi mo... hehe!
  15. hahaha...pare parang kilala kita..
  16. Blu08

    Blu08 Addict Established

    Pano pag nagupdate yung coc ok lang naman ganito or iupupdate din?
  17. good question sir..kpag nagupdate c coc. mawawala na let yan mga sir..kaya same procedure..
    tago nyo lang yung file and repeat the procedure...
  18. saan na yung file na cloud sc?
  19. nasa sc folder sir...kasama yun dun sa link sir
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