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Tutorial CoC Bot New Updated Ver5.1.2

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans' started by Chad Drachter, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. My Bot 5.1.2 New released (23 January 2016)


    Introduction :

    What is currently not "working perfectly" :

    - Training of troops, due to the new 'stacking of troops' the queue can build up in the barracks (archers, barbarians, then archers gain, as 3 separate troops).

    - Weak base detection, snow images have not been updated

    - Missing Background mode support for Droid4x and MEmu. Preferred emulators are Bluestacks and Bluestacks 2.

    We appreciate your patience and support on these issues!

    Required software:

    READ this before installing the new bot :

    • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
    • Please or Register to view links
    • Please or Register to view links
    • Please or Register to view links
    • BlueStacks 0.9.x - 0.10.x OR Bluestacks 2 OR Droid4x 0.8.6 OR MEmu 2.2.1
    • The latest drivers for your graphics device
    • MyBot v5.1.2
    • You must fully QUIT BlueStacks and close all BS processes before running new version (right click system tray icon).

    Change Log 5.1.2:
    • Fix pushbullet bot restart
    • Fix Droid4X launching CoC too early
    • Improve TH Detection
    • Fix Elixir Images 90% overwritten Load 75% and 50%
    • Prevent messing up with Tolerances in Dead bases Images
    • Fix Stats file .ini
    • Fix Load correct Images for Snow Theme and regular Theme
    • Improve CC detection on slot attack
    • Change Donate CC log
    • Fix the Variable error on TH5 detection
    • Improve the Upgrade Walls level 6 and 9
    • Fix mistake in tool tip in stats tab
    • Fix Barracks Boost when exist one Upgrading barrack
    • Improve bot memory working set consumption

    Old Changelogs

    Change Log 5.1.1:


    • Fixed a log bug where the log files were not properly closed and the attack log contained parts of the normal log.
    • Fixed a subscript error that occurs when the bot starts and the village has no trained troops in army camps.

    Change Log 5.1:


    • Added MEmu 2.2.1 support
    • Added check and log message if user has renamed program
    • Added Grand Warden to available heroes for drop trophy
    • Added Chinese, French, and Russian GUI translations (User provided)
    • Added Spell Donations, Poison, Earthquake and Haste available to donate
    • Added Minimum resource settings and delayed start features in TH Snipe combo settings
    • Add user adjustable setting for minimum troops required when attacking dead base enabled during trophy drop
    • Add ability to choose which collectors to include in dead base checking
    • Add new accelerator key: Esc will stop the bot, but only when the bot is the active window
    • Add ability to make custom scripted attacks with CSV files. 4 finger barch (with smart attack[​IMG]) and GiBarch included algorithms. Guide: Please or Register to view links

    • Change Drop Trophy behavior - checks trophy level and adjusts before every attack
    • Change minimum troop requirement for drop trophy to start, now needs only 5 spaces full or 1 Hero if enabled
    • Enable Unbreakable mode to use new PB information window (requires latest CoC APK)
    • Improve reliability of OCR reading "1" in donation page
    • Improved support for BlueStacks 2 and Droid4X
    • Improve Donate, combine Donating Troops to keywords with Donate All Spells (no keyword read) and vice versa
    • Improve Donate, removing the need for clanlevel check
    • Updated GUI language file handling, filenames are in English, displaynames are in native language name
    • Updated Spell Detection on ArmyOverView

    • Added Minimum resource settings and delayed start features in TH Snipe combo settings
    • Fix Dragon, Pekka, Hogs, Valkyrie, Witch images to enable Donate capability
    • Fix wait time to work properly in TH Attack CSV code
    • Fix King Upgrade and building upgrade features to use new upgrade button location
    • Fix resource collection opening base edit window
    • Fix Donate feature missing donation button at bottom of screen
    • Fix endless loop when dropping trophy after OOS restart
    • Fix Drop Trophy not staying in user set range during some conditions
    • Fix immediate attack without full army after drop trophy dead base attack due OOS condition
    • Fixed Grand Warden Upgrade cost check and log message
    • Fix Train Page loop error when user steals window focus and train page is not opened
    • Updated display check message now that MBR will properly resize BS for displays below 1400x900
    • Updated some previously missed location data in troop deployment for new 44x44 map and new BS size
    • Fix bot not attacking if shielded
    • Fix if surrender is not clicked due to not on Attack page, do not check for Okay button.
    • Fix buildup of debug files due to debugOCR enabled on Donate function.
    • Fix on TH Snipe CSV function gave an error when troop or delay values were identical.
    • Fix BlueStacks 1 shutdown routine that caused crash or freeze of bot under Windows 10
    • Fix BlueStacks 2 in traditional "BlueStacks App Player" mode, add support for system bar
    • Fix Pause-HotKey when multiple bots running is only available in first launched bot
    • Fix Droid4X and MEmu multi instance support
    • Fix zoom-out for BlueStacks 2 that sometimes ignores arrow-down-key by falling back to Ctrl-MouseWheelDown
    • Fix ADB return and home send key when Adb connection lost or Adb wasn't connected
    • Fix Open ClashOfClans not to force restart of app
    • Fix BS1 CoC restart when checking for CoC main screen
    • Fix Bot Restarting after 2 OoS
    • Fix Random Android Restart after Pressing Start Button
    • Fix missing log redraw when bot window restored
    • Fix randomly required additional click when structures are selected for upgrade
    • Fix missing upgrades due to resource flags stealing the structure selection
    • Fix Hide-Button executed after Stop-Button pressed when used while bot in run mode
    • Update/Fix ShareReplay feature to work with latest updates
    • Fix bot never resuming attacking after out of gold or out of elixir
    • Fix for misclick on Donate button when request was already filled
    • Fix to properly close file handles on log files
    • Fix Stop-Button not stopping some Android activities like start/restart CoC
    • Fix Bot exit/close properly closing resources
    • Fix bot continuing to train even if camps full when Halt Attack enabled

    Change Log 5.0.2:


    • Fixed subscript error due to Multi Language support
    Change Log 5.0.1:


    • Auto detection of System Local to auto set the BOT GUI language on first run, manual change will be remembered.
    • Snow Theme detection (and Normal Theme too) for deadbase and Townhall image selection used on Search
    • Building images with snow (Elixir collectors, Townhall)
    • GUI option to search for 75%+ full collectors on deadbase (default is 90%+)

    • Support for BlueStacks 2 and Droid4X
    • Donate, added some time between clicks to wait for proper windows to open/close
    • Early Take-a-break detection
    • Checking for Request CC troops when the bot is just used for Donating troops, not checking all the time

    • Boost Barrack and Boost Heroes misclicks
    • Locate Barracks misclicks
    • Unnecessary checks for TH location on Drop Trophy
    • No longer Trophy loss counted when no lvl1/2 tier troop was available to deploy on Drop Trophy
    • Return Home button detection and misclicks on Attack button
    • Recover from OOS do not start Search/Attack again immediately unless you have a full army
    • Searching for TH when TH Snipe is enabled
    • Detection of League level after Attack

    Change Log 5.0:


    • GUI Multi Language
    • BlueStacks v2 and Droid4x Support
    • TH / DE Side Attack for Live Bases
    • TH Snipes While Train (But maybe this wont be useful to you anymore..)
    • Can make troops only to Donate , the bot will maintain that quantity select on GUI in army composition.
    • Heroes Upgrade continuously


    • New System to personalize your TH Snipes attack : \THsnipe\ csv files
    • New Walls Detection code- just need the new images
    • New TH detection - just need the new images with snow - new system to add more images - user friendly
    • New Inactive Base detection - new system to add more images - user friendly
    • Train system with scroll left for queued troops

    New stuff under development that could potentially be in next version:

    • Milking Attack(all goblins)
    • Automatically download language files
    • All remaining fixes
    • ..... and maybe other stuff thanks to collaboration directly with contributors in Please or Register to view links section.
      (No promises, as always: it is ready when it is ready and not before!)


    5.1.2 - [23/01/2016]

    Use this download link:

    Please or Register to view links

    Big Credits to all moderators & contributors of mybot.run team ;)
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2016
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  2. ;)(y) no probs.
  3. EARZE

    EARZE PHC Contributor Established

    Thanks for Sharing Boss.. (y)
  4. ;) big welcome boss.
  5. boss. pa help naman po ok po yung deadbase searching nya. kaso po eto po problema ayaw umatak!. salamat po .

    Cannot find attack file C:\Users\User11\Desktop\MyBot-5.1.1\CSV\Attack\4.csv
  6. Sa akin normal naman siya boss, try mo eextract ulit ang buong files.
  7. eto gamit ko. pinaka the best na bot for me na FREE! yung ibang bot ang daming che che bureche e me paaccount account pa
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  8. sir ok na po sya. salamat :)
  9. ayos talaga to sir ;) ito ang original coc bot maker eh.(y)
  10. Thanks dito boss ok na ok sya hehe.. Kip it up :)
  11. Welcome po boss ;)
  12. kelangan pa ba palitan window size ng bs? pano po?
  13. Nag aauto resize yan boss pag open mo ng bot.
  14. gumagana ba to sa new update ng SC 1\26\16???
  15. Eto po ang announcement ng mybot sa new SC update. ;)
  16. Thanks for sharing :)
  17. working po ba to sa new updte ngaun jan/26/2015?

    sir working xa sa new update?
    Thanks Po..
  18. May new bot released na mga boss mybot v5.1.3 working with Jan 26 2016 SC update check niyo nalang po sa new topics kakapost ko lang ;)
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