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Discussion in 'General Mobile Network Tutorials' started by Vizjerei, Jul 13, 2016.

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  1. THE
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2016
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  2. wala pang globe sayang
  3. di ko gets :( kawawa naman ako :)
  4. Pa tut kung anung proxy idol code lang lumalabas sakin anung proxy po ba yan?
  5. hanneman

    hanneman Eternal Poster Established

    Uh oh!
    I do know that payloads also uses not just one IP....but one thing for sure I have gotta' find my 'kerchief and wipe my nose. "sigh" :hungover:
  6. Yep Iknow You Have It.
    Just Try To Replace your old ones.
    its too old to use. :-)
  7. calypso

    calypso Forum Veteran Established

    Mas klaro ito tol keysa sa last thread mo.. Dahil meron na "/"
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  8. di ko ma gets hahahha :(
  9. Hahaha, thanks, but the payloads are poppular already.
    i have to use this updated version to escape the blocking :) hahaha.

    i guess this is 1 out of 24 working payloads with their updates.

    Sorry if its not verry clear for you.
    we have to do this to prevent leeching and spamming the payloads.
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  10. elgintoyok

    elgintoyok Addict Established

    Wasak ang utak ko :D
  11. kulatong

    kulatong Journeyman Established

    Got it. No idea what do with it though. Do I make myself my own payload using Injector. I've seen your tut but never really tried it.
  12. sansii

    sansii Addict Established

    salamat po dito
  13. You can try if you want :-) you can also use that on psiphon. etc.
  14. kulatong

    kulatong Journeyman Established

    Thanks I'll try, can't seem to make anything work with MGC in my area(Bulacan) though.
  15. I dont have any idea why other people cant connect to MGC.
    im not having a problem about it.
  16. spiderX

    spiderX Addict Established

    Kung gumagmit kayo ng old proxy or host makukuha nyu yan agad ;)
    Tnx ts ^^
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  17. Help... Pano po pag open line ng sun phone?
  18. kulatong

    kulatong Journeyman Established

    I can connect normally with MGC apn fine. Its when I use ponpon or injector that I can't make anything work.
  19. Trt to bypass it using other proxy server.
  20. salamat dito(y)
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