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Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Jeanh, Jan 26, 2016.


    The practice of cleansing and detoxifying the body is very important for your health. The body needs to get rid of the unhealthy toxins contained in foods and drinks and which pass into the blood stream. No matter if you are smoker, non-smoker or just want to improve your health, here is the plan.

    First of all, you need to remove all dairy products from your diet 2-3 days before the start of detoxification. The dairy can slow down the detoxification process.


    Day one:

    On the first day, drink a cup of tea of your wish before going to sleep. This will cleanse the toxins from the intestines and prevent constipation.

    Day two:

    On the second day, before breakfast, drink a glass of room temperature water with lemon. You need two lemons for 300 ml water.

    After that, drink 300 ml of grapefruit juice.

    The antioxidants that are contained in the fruit juices will help you to cleanse your lungs and make your respiratory system function better.

    Afterwards, between breakfast and lunch, have 300 ml of carrot juice. The carrot juice will alkalize your blood, which is very important for this three-day regime.

    During lunch, drink 400 ml of juice made of carrot, spinach, celery and parsley. This juice is rich with potassium which has refreshing effect on the body.

    Day three:

    Before going to bed, drink 300 ml of 100% cranberry juice. This will reduce the number of bacteria in the lungs.

    It is also recommended to take a hot bath during these days of detoxification. It is necessary to cleanse your organism through sweating.

    You shall not smoke or consume caffeine.
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    hindi pwede manigarilyo.. (n)
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  4. N1ghtmare

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  5. welcome mga bossing (y)
  6. welcome bossing
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    ven21 Enthusiast Established

    sna umepekto sakin ..
  8. must try bossing..wala naman pong mawawala...and avoid sms postings of message (y)
  9. Walang lemon walang carrot walang grapes
  10. bumili :shifty:
  11. Penge pambili :shifty:
  12. ahaist..hirap na ko bumasa..labo yata ng mata ko :facepalm:
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  14. ano po pwede pamalit sa cranberry juice kung wala nun?
  15. 10x inhale exhale early morning.
    number 1 , stop smoking na po.
  16. welcome bossing (y)
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