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Clash of Clans Sneak Peak for the upcoming UPDATE

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans' started by kramsuiluj, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. kramsuiluj

    kramsuiluj Journeyman Established


    No shield given from Town Hall destruction
    [UPDATED] No shield given if attacker does not deploy at least 1/3rd of a full army
    Full army: Maximum possible space of Army Camp and Heroes (weighted x25 space) of defender TH level

    12 hours shield given at 30% destruction
    14 hours shield given at 60% destruction
    16 hours shield given at 90% destruction

    Attacking Through Shield:

    Can now enter Multiplayer matchmaking or Revenge without affecting shield
    Executing Multiplayer or Revenge attack while shielded deducts 3 hours of shield
    Additional attacks in the same shield deduct more hours (4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 hours)
    Shields can be dismissed manually (to intentionally take a defense)

    Village Guard:

    Village Guard prevents you from being attacked while shield is down
    Can go online, offline and attack with no penalty under Village Guard
    Free Village Guard activates when a shield expires:
    Titan I / Legend League: 3 hours free Village Guard
    Titan II League: 2 hours free Village Guard
    Titan III League: 1 hour free Village Guard
    [UPDATED] Champion League (all levels): 30 minutes free Village Guard
    Master I League and below: 15 minutes free Village Guard

    2 hours extra Village Guard available in Shop for 10 gems while shield is down (23 hour cooldown)
    Village Guard can be dismissed manually (to intentionally take a defense)

    Personal Break Timer (PBT):

    PBT is 3 hours: forced offline for 6 minutes after 3 hours cumulative online time without shield
    PBT resets when gaining shield, or in other reset cases below
    Buying 2-hour Village Guard from shop extends current PBT by 2 hours
    PBT paused during server maintenance, but not reset

    PBT reset cases:

    After defense with shield: Full PBT reset
    After a defense without shield OR 6-minute PBT kickout without defense: PBT extended (+15 minutes to PBT, +15 minutes Village Guard)
    After 2nd consecutive defense without shield OR 6-minute PBT kickout without defense: PBT extended (+15 minutes to PBT, +15 minutes Village Guard)
    After 3rd consecutive defense without shield OR 6-minute PBT kickout without defense: Full PBT reset + Free Village Guard based on League
    After 3 hours consecutive offline time without defense: Full PBT reset (no Village Guard given)


    Town Hall contains much more loot (shares available loot with storages)
    Town Hall has loot worth of 1 Gold & Elixir Storage + 1/4th Dark Elixir Storage
    Town Hall and Clan Castle count as resource buildings - Goblins will attack them for x2 damage
    Available loot % slightly increased for TH6 through TH10
    Available loot reduced for attacking one TH level lower

    League Bonus:

    All League Bonuses increased
    League Bonuses is now progressive, from 0% to 100%, based on destruction percentage
    100% League Bonus earned at 70% destruction

    Trophy Rebalancing:

    Trophy offers from lower players increase with League level (from +1 minimum at Bronze to +6 minimum at Titan 1 and Legend)
    Trophy offers from higher players decrease with League level (e.g. from +56 at Bronze to +48 at Titan 1 and Legend)

    [NEW] Other Changes:

    All trap rearm costs massively reduced (~75% rearm cost reduction on average of all traps)
    X-Bow reload costs massively reduced (~70% reload cost reduction for all levels)
    Time until you can be attacked after going offline increased from 1 minute to 5 minutes (to help cases of accidentally going offline)
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  2. Marvilowe Alab

    Marvilowe Alab Addict Established

    Haay salamat si X-Bow may reduced.
  3. kramsuiluj

    kramsuiluj Journeyman Established

    hehe..medyo mabigat po kasi sa bulsa pati mga traps
  4. GG yung mga farmers :hilarious:
  5. kramsuiluj

    kramsuiluj Journeyman Established

    No more TH snipe :cry:
  6. bulgang

    bulgang Enthusiast Established

    bad news to sa mga TH-HUNTERS haha...
  7. kramsuiluj

    kramsuiluj Journeyman Established

    hehe pahirapan na
  8. kainis na update th hunt ako ngayon
  9. Hindi totoo may th 11 na?
  10. Kailan ba ang new update?
  11. kramsuiluj

    kramsuiluj Journeyman Established

    wala pa pong nilalabas na release date
    at totoo pong may th11 at bagong hero
  12. bulgang

    bulgang Enthusiast Established

    mapipilitan nang palakasin mga farm units..malas naman..sa pang war units ako nag focus hehe
  13. ayos new update aah. :D
    meticx29 likes this.
  14. Yamot, pahirapang mag pa trophy, kelangan ko pa naman pa champ,
  15. dimebag

    dimebag Honorary Poster Established

    may time pa tayo mag TH hunt heheheheh
  16. wala namang problema pag mag TH hunt, makaka-1 star ka pa rin..

    ang ibig sabihin ng post ko sa taas ay wala nang free shield sa mga farm bases
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2015
  17. So lageh na lng ma attack ang village pag offline ganun? Hnd na magkaka shield?
  18. depende kung ano ang percentage ng total damage. tingnan mo nalang yung mechanics sa taas
  19. HAHAHA..daming di nkakaintindi dito..yung mga th hunters di naman maapektohan..ang lugi yung inaattack..the more na farm base ka the more throphies mawawala :D
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