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Choosing a Cut (Goat meat)

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by demonic098, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Choosing a Cut
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      Go to a butcher that sells specialty meat. Goat meat is not commonly available in Western supermarkets. You'll need to look for it through specialist butchers, online sellers from farms or gourmet food sellers, and in some Middle Eastern, Indian or Caribbean specialty grocery stores.
      • Sometimes the words "chevon" (older goat meat), "cabrito" (younger goat meat) or "capretto" are used to denote that the meat is goat's. Please or Register to view links
      • You can also ask your local butcher to source some goat meat if you'd like to try it.
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        Select a cut of fresh meat. Like beef or pork, there are a variety of cuts of goat meat to choose from. Each one has a different texture and flavor, and each requires a different cooking method. Here are the most popular cuts, and the best cooking methods for them:
        • Cheeks: Stew.
        • Chops: Marinate and roast.
        • Cubed or minced meat: Stew on or off the bone.
        • Goat leg: Marinate and roast.
        • Leg steaks: Marinate and roast.
        • Shoulder: Marinate and roast.

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        Learn how to bring out the best flavor in goat meat. Goat is quite lean, and if cooked at the high temperatures, it will toughen and be intolerable for eating. Goat meat is best when it has been slow-cooked to break down the tendons in the meat. Marinating goat meat is another good way to tenderize the meat. In addition,
        • Goat meat loses moisture very quickly due to its low fat content. The best way to cook goat meat is to cook it slowly, preferably in a slow cooker, at a low temperature, and with plenty of moisture. Please or Register to view links
        • Moreover, goat meat should never be served rare; it must be thoroughly and well cooked in order for it to be appealing.
        • Flavorful additions tend to make goat meat delicious. Goat meat is ideal for eating with Middle Eastern, Mexican and Indian dishes that use a slow cooking method. The meat gets infused with spices as it becomes tender. Please or Register to view links
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