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Help Cannot connect to 4g signal on my lte smart sim card

Discussion in 'Smart, TNT & Sun Questions' started by Supersaiyan98, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    Good day.

    Just would like to ask if you have any idea on how I could connect to Smart 4G network? My sim was already replaced by LTE capable sim (Sim A) and my APN configurations are working good if my other replaced LTE sim (Sim B) were inserted to it and it can connect as 4G connection.

    In short, I'm using same device which I can prove LTE capable. The only thing that changed is the sim card. If Sim A is inserted, I can't connect as 4G (only 3G) while if Sim B, it can connect as 4G. Same sim underwent sim replacement and both are now LTE capable.

    Do you have any idea for that issue?

    Thanks and GODbless.
  2. hpaosv00

    hpaosv00 Forum Guru Established

    Kindly check the preferred network of each sim cards.
  3. preferred network sets to "Automatic" for both sims

    Now I tried to set to "4G Only", only one sim can connect to 4G the other one Limited Service, both are registered to SURFMAX50
  4. hpaosv00

    hpaosv00 Forum Guru Established

    Hmm.. You should check the LTE coverage in your area.. In my case, LTE for globe sim is poor. Sorry if I can't help you a lot.
  5. that's fine. I'm in the vicinity of LTE coverage area. I can get LTE signal but if I started to connect, Limited service started to appear. :(

    Please see my attached pic. If I select Manual in Network Connection and Click Search, I can scan SMART 4G network, while if i begin to click register, I'm getting Limited Service. What's the problem? I'm already subscribed to SURFMAX50 :(

    Attached Files:

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  6. hpaosv00

    hpaosv00 Forum Guru Established

    We'r using the same type of pocket wifi.. Hmm.. Limited Sevice = Slow Connection. Try using Automatic Search = 4G.. Or if you prefer, 3G.. By the way, I'm in 3G Network auto seach..
  7. if I use 3G, it can connect while if I connect as 4G, limited service, my Sim B can connect as 4G same device and location

    i'm thinking if they blocked my Sim A no. from accessing LTE signal?
  8. bka d p 4g un bnabatong signal jan sa inyo ibig ko pong sbhn khit 4g cp at sim mo eh kng d pa naguupgrade yung cellsite nla jan ng 4g useless dn po..
    hpaosv00 likes this.
  9. hpaosv00

    hpaosv00 Forum Guru Established

    Remember that, Smart is still on the process of placing LTE cellsites all over the PH.. (LTE band 700) So, maybe the reception of sim A LTE signal is poor..
  10. yun lng, ibg po bng sbhin non, each sim ay different LTE band?

    each sim po ba ay different LTE band?
  11. hpaosv00

    hpaosv00 Forum Guru Established

    Hindi ko lang sure.. Pero kung trip mo talaga na LTE connection mo, hahanap ka talaga ng malakas na LTE signal..
  12. korek lalo n kng sa province k nkatira la pa 4g ata un ibng lugar
  13. lolonop55

    lolonop55 Addict Established

    Nextime try to rehister surfmax plus

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