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Help Can anyonehelp me with my msi cr430 laptop

Discussion in 'Computer Repair Questions' started by jayanna1421, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. can anyone help me with my MSI CR430 laptop because the bios has a password i try to remove the cmos battery and still not working

    and can you tech me how to jumper the mother board plss with pics tnx 
    up up up lng po
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    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Reset Jumpers to Clear a CMOS Password
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      Unplug the computer and remove all peripheral connections like monitors and printers.
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      Reduce electrostatic discharge (ESD). Wear a wrist strap to eliminate ESD, or make sure 1 hand is holding a metal piece while you are working inside the computer. Wear rubber soled shoes, and stand on an ESD mat if possible.
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      Open the computer. Locate the CMOS jumper. The jumper will usually consist of 3 pins, though on the rare occasion, 2 pins (requiring you to supply the jumper itself). This often is labeled with "clear," "cmos," "password" or some abbreviation that indicates it is the password jumper. It is usually located near the CMOS battery, or processor. In laptops, it is often a dipswitch at the bottom of the laptop. Consult your motherboard documentation to find the location if you are unsure of where it is located.
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      Make note of which pins the jumper covers. Remove the jumper. Reinstall it so that it covers the pin that is currently not covered. For example, if it covers pins 2 and 3, change it so that it covers pins 1 and 2.
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      Reassemble the computer, and re-connect the power. Turn on the computer. Check to see that the password is cleared.
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      Turn off the computer. Disconnect the power cord, and open it. Change the jumper settings back to the original position.

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  3. di pa po kc mgkaiba ng mother board nung laptop ko

    di ko po mkita ang cmos jumper dun
  4. BIOS password jumper ng MSI laptop model cr430 plss help
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