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Trivia Calligraffiti

Discussion in 'Arts & Literature' started by SH3RLOCK HOLM3S, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Have a look with these unique fusion of Calligraphy and Graffiti-Calligraffiti!

    1916281_10153805510283248_4478983487500472294_n.jpg 12805870_10153805510293248_1331519121858111496_n.jpg 12977229_10153806953483248_8114427019175546263_o.jpg 13010825_10153809487228248_9198678409988230612_n.jpg 12963850_10153810089138248_4630616347332718973_n.jpg 12987194_10153799477178248_8217868604778302693_n.jpg 12936778_10153797869783248_1668060125854988940_n.jpg 12963564_10153797869458248_4500872852550509639_n.jpg 12936489_10153797455613248_1437517332414144354_n.jpg 12919879_10153789909113248_5260853316785747845_n.jpg
    Credit to Calligraffiti
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  2. ganda tingnan! thumbs up TS! (y)
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