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Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies (Android) Hack

Discussion in 'Game Cheats' started by sichi23, May 23, 2015.

  1. >nilalaro moba ito?
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    >Hack for Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for Android!

    GameCIH Tutorial
    1. Make sure your phone is rooted! If you do not have your phone rooted, GameCIH will not work and it is necessary for this hack! Some devices cannot be rooted, and I am not responsible for anyone foolishly bricking their android and voiding their warranty! Make sure you have a reliable source, the right tools (usually a computer, a usb cable, and your device), and the right device instructions! NO OTHER DEVICE'S METHOD WILL WORK FOR hâckïng YOUR PHONE, UNLESS IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME. YOU NEED YOUR EXACT TYPE OF PHONE!
    2. Go to Please or Register to view links and download the file.
    3. Install the APK and open it. If it asks you to allow superuser permissions, agree (and press remember). If it says you have not rooted your phone, restart your phone and check to see if it prompts you to allow superuser permissions. If it doesn't and the message is still there, then you have failed to root your phone. Start over or give up.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Tutorial
    1. Make sure you have completed the above instructions, or have already done so before. This will not work if you do not have it.
    2. Open GameCIH, and wait until it no longer displays a loading message. If it has a red message, you have not correctly rooted your phone or it doesn't have superuser permissions.
    3. Open Black Ops and start up your game. You can do it in single player or co-op, but you cannot edit another player, and it is much easier to do in Single Player. If you don't see a little grey tab on the side, you skipped one of my instructions.

    >> Additional

    >Pistols/SMG/Any gun with 6+ Ammo
    A1. As you start the game, we will first edit a pistol's ammo clip. Your regular M1911 has 8 bullets it can fire before needing a new clip. With this particular glitch, we can make it up to 999, 999 bullets fired before reloading back to 8 bullets. Technically, it can do even more, as it randomly resets itself to 999, 999, but that's the intended number. Click on the tab of GameCIH (no, not the app, the sidebar I had told you to open) and press the magnifying glass. Click on input number and input "8". Wait until it stops searching, and you will notice it says some crazy number like "164, 678 Found". Obviously, this is completely useless to us, as even looking at all of them would crash your device or merely black ops and gameCIH (don't worry, they won't be shown).
    A2. Leave it by PRESSING BACK TWICE, DO NOT RESET OR STOP GAMECIH. Proceeding this, fire off 1 bullet.
    A3. Repeat step A1, but notice that your previous search results are still there. Notice the "! = + -" below it? ! Has an unknown meaning to me, and it is worthless. = Stands for a variable that doesn't change in the interval of pressing it. It will occasionally take some off, but repeatedly pressing it is useless and may actually screw you over. + Stands for a variable that increased since the last time you pressed a button. Very useful, but - is much more important. - Stands for a variable that decreased since the last time you pressed a button. Your amount of bullets decreased, so you need to press -.
    A4. Repeat step A2 and A3 until a small list of numbers appear.
    A5. First, know how many bullets you have left. It should be 5 or 6 for the pistol, so look for 5 or 6. Go through the list, and check each 5 or 6 (though there should only be one or two). The code is never 1,2, or 3-Bytes, so never alter those. Remember to NEVER alter float, because that changes the positioning and size of things for some reason. What we are looking for is a 4-byte file.
    A6. Once you find it, click on it and alter the number to 999, 999 or any positive number you wish.
    A7. Press back twice then check to see if there is no bullets appearing right next to your total ammo sign. (This seems to only happen for certain guns, but other guns will appear to either have more ammo than they contain or have the number you input) If not, you need to reload, reset the search, and try again. If it doesn't appear, congratulations! You just got "infinite ammo" for your pistol! Have fun shooting nonstop, doing away with that horrible pistol problem! Personally, a pistol would be better than a Thundergun, assuming you shoot fast and have infinite ammo... Unless that Thundergun had infinite ammo!

    >Shotguns/Thunder gun
    B1. Read the tutorial above, assuming you haven't. It saves me a lot of typing...
    B2. For this category, we need the + and - buttons. Your gun probably has 2 ammo, so search 2 in input number.
    B3. Now, back out and shoot once.
    B4. Go back into search and press - once.
    B5. For the Olympia reload, for the Thundergun just shoot again.
    B6. Go back into the search and press the + button.
    B7. Repeat Steps B3-B6 until you find the variable, which is 4-byte.
    B8. After you've found it, change it to 999, 999.

    >Wave (Round) #

    C1. This takes a while but is relatively simple, and I recommend saving this for later rounds (min. 5). Begin by searching up your round number in "input number" and exiting out. (See Pistols/SMG/Any gun with 6+ Ammo for more info)
    C2. Finish the round.
    C3. Go back into search and press the + button.
    C4. Repeat steps C2 & C3 until you find the round you are currently on. It should take only about 2-3 rounds.
    C5. Edit the last number to any number you wish. When you edit then number, the wave will change, but not the number of zombies that will spawn. Easy!

    >>Note (nakita ko lang sa iba) pa try nalang po ^^
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