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Globe & TM Byapass globe - supersurf bandwith throttling - update!

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by ravemastah, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. Share ko lang sa inyo guys, para dagdag kaalaman narin para sa atin. Related rin ito sa mga nararanasan natin ngayon sa mga ISP natin...https://www.phcorner.net/images/smilies/new/thumbsup.gif

    Share-share na lang po tayo rito ng mga thoughts natin at mga possible solutions if kung meron man...https://www.phcorner.net/images/smilies/tongue.png

    Bandwidth throttling is a reactive measure employed in communication networks to regulate network traffic and minimize bandwidth congestion. Bandwidth throttling can occur at different locations on the network. On a local area network (LAN), a sysadmin may employ bandwidth throttling to help limit network congestion and server crashes. On a broader level, the Internet Service Provider may use bandwidth throttling to help reduce a user's usage of bandwidth that is supplied to the local network. This can be used to actively limit a user's upload and download rates on programs such as BitTorrent protocols and other file sharing applications, as well as even out the usage of the total bandwidth supplied across all users on the network. Bandwidth throttling is also often used in Internet applications, in order to spread a load over a wider network to reduce local network congestion, or over a number of servers to avoid overloading individual ones, and so reduce their risk of crashing.Today most if not all Internet Service Providers throttle their users bandwidth, with or without the user ever even realizing it.

    A bandwidth cap, also known as a bit cap, limits the transfer of a specified amount of data over a period of time. Internet service providers commonly apply a cap when a channel intended to be shared by many users becomes overloaded, or may be overloaded, by a few users. Implementation of a bandwidth cap is sometimes termed a Fair Access Policy or Usage-based billing.

    2 types of Capping

    Standard cap and Lowered cap - Visit Please or Register to view links...

    Throttling vs Capping

    Bandwidth throttling works by limiting (throttling) the rate at which a bandwidth intensive device (a server) accepts data. If this limit is not in place, the device can overload its processing capacity.

    Contrary to throttling, in order to use bandwidth when available, but prevent excess, each node in a proactive system should set an outgoing bandwidth cap that appropriately limits the total number of bytes sent per unit time. There are two types of bandwidth capping. A standard cap limits the bitrate or speed of data transfer on a broadband internet connection. Standard capping is used to prevent individuals from consuming the entire transmission capacity of the medium. A lowered cap reduces an individual user’s bandwidth cap as a defensive measure and/or as a punishment for heavy use of the medium’s bandwidth. Sometimes this happens without notifying the user.

    The difference is that bandwidth throttling regulates a bandwidth intensive device (such as a server) by limiting how much data that device can accept or receive. Bandwidth capping on the other hand limits the total transfer capacity, upstream or downstream, of data over a medium.

    GLOBE/TM ISP - Bandwidth Throttling

    TNT ISP - Bandwidth Throttling

    USING APN: Please or Register to view links



    Ultrasurf Settings:

    Follow Screen Shots:


    1. Connect your Dashboard with APN: Please or Register to view links
    2. Run, Ultra Surf (Set Proxy settings: port 8080)
    3. Wait to connect. Do not Use Proxifier.

    https://www.phcorner.net/images/smilies/new/thanks.gif kay sir Jughead for the SS...

    https://www.phcorner.net/images/smilies/new/thanks.gif kay pareng Ultraelectro sa pag share sa akin about sa Bandwidth Throttling

    at kay pareng WIKEPEDIA...https://www.phcorner.net/images/smilies/new/thumbsup.gif

    Suggestions and Feedbacks:

    NO THROTTLING activity sa NON PROMO, because it is automatically a TIME base consumption. And NO CAPPING in the sense that it will end up on the allotted time with respect to your load...

    THE END==>http://www.messentools.com/images/emoticones/***/www.MessenTools.com-***-016.gif

  2. pa try bosss maya nalang ako mag post kong working
  3. so kelangan gamitin ang IP ng Globe Connect
  4. pag-pc lang po ba itos?
  5. Sir pwede po ba yan sa PHONE ?
  6. ang prob nito mag eerror DL using IDM....then may mga sites na din na blocked...yan ang olats kay ultrasurf >.<ang prob nito mag eerror DL using IDM....then may mga sites na din na blocked...yan ang olats kay ultrasurf >.<ang prob nito mag eerror DL using IDM....then may mga sites na din na blocked...yan ang olats kay ultrasurf >.<
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  7. FreeSkyHunter

    FreeSkyHunter Addict Established

    working ba toh bossing? :)
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