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bm622m 2012

Discussion in 'WiMAX, DSL Modems' started by clevermonkey, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. I have my bm622m 2012. I cant make it work. Need help. Anyone. Willing to pay for fee. Im from makati.
  2. hmmm,, with this thing admin and modators didn't allow any payments buying or selling even trading here,,,dont worry because all tools, a helping hand is all for free :)
  3. Mamayang gabi tulongan kita for free. pag uwi ko
  4. SUB_X

    SUB_X Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    punta ka dito at magbasa>>> Please or Register to view links bawal po kasi ang ganyan
  5. No time to read. Just give me somebody who can help.
  6. Oops!. "helping hand Cancelled" dapat magbasa rin kahit minsan lang.
  7. Hinge nga ako stable mac for free if pwd mga bossings? d ako mka timing kasi lagi nsa work kpag nag popost cla ng mac
  8. I read most of the posts. Kaya ako nag join. That has given me an idea that somebody can help. Kung ayaw nyo ng bayad, just allow me to show my appreciation to anyone who can help. How about bottles of beer @ chubby chic or cups of coffee at ucc or starbucks. I just need help.
  9. anung problema ba? hindi ka makaconnect? or walang live macs?
  10. I had my wimax working for two years. It just stopped. I need somebody who can do this for me.
  11. Kung sino man ang willing to give a "helping hand" il give my address and contact details. Dont worry about your expenses. Ill cover them all.
  12. Im not a legit user. I had my wimax configured by a friend but he's not in town. Anyone?
  13. :D easy solution your mac adress is dead
    that kind of mac you have for 2 years now is called vip mac C:
    Vip Mac stay alive for years and month wont be dead untill globe will detect it or discover your mac is alive on there data base and your using it without there permission or paying^_^
    every mac on there data base have a owner people that pay for there mac #internet if they see your mac is alive then your using it without there permission they will surely cut it off leaving you with no internet ^_^
  14. if you are paying your internet ^_^ do call the globe technician to fix it not random ppl since if your mac is still alive they can copy paste it leaving you unusable to your internet #cdc :D since the mac got multiple owners
  15. how to avoid gettin rob on your mac
    dont trust people on the internet
    :D since 50% of them are hookers 50% are honest
    if you get caught by hookers your mac will surely get hook like a fish :D
    it's more better if you make the person go to your house since you will see what he will do and if he copy paste your mac somewhere ^_^ this option work 100% not 50 50
  16. I know all those things. I dont need further explanations. I just need somebody to help me and make my wimax work as it was before. Can anyone help me? Or referrals as the case maybe.
  17. ur2ec

    ur2ec Enthusiast Established

    hays kasi naman bakit hindi muna mag explore sa site bago magtanong tanong ee, kaya nga may search botton. kahit na newbie siguro naman marunong sila umintindi :D
  18. just download a tool like this
    that is secured without a këÿlôggêr :) #hookers
    and click load my device mac (dont forget to configure it settings)
    so your mac will be auto get then click change mac ^_^
    dont worry about the user and pass it will get your nai automatically the one was registered to your mac ^_^ at first 23.png 23.png
  19. download team view and the tool ill configure the tool for you and teach you how it works :) so you can do it by your self
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