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BM622 Blank WAN IC program and FW IC replacement.

Discussion in 'WiMAX, DSL Modems' started by Swoosh, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys,

    i just got a BM622 modem from Globe and it was disconnected since 2011, i just saw this selling from a friend in FB, at first i was excited to try hâckïng it, i tried the GUI i can login using (username: user password: user.

    im using WIN7 OS, and i just installed the telnet from windows since it was unchecked from the system, when i tried the command into dos mode (telnet login...

    Login: wimax
    password: wimax820

    it gives me error until i got suspended and wait for a minute to try again, i also used the USER /USER but it also didn't work, since its my first time checking GUI from a WIMAX modem, i didn't notice that my WAN is BLANK and my MAC is 00:00:00:00:00:01, i searched the internet and found out it has been hâckêd as well with other users (tinira) i told my friend about it, and he's asking me what do we have to do, since i have no idea, "i think it needs to be repair" he did not reply..

    today i searched to many forums, and links, that leads me to programming WAN EEPROM IC, i downloaded bin files that i could use to program the EEPROM, and hey... since im working on a repair site for DT/SV/NB VoIP/LCD i know how to program MAC/WAN bios and others (yabang..) i gathered thing and infos i needed, like what kind of an EEPROM top mark of the IC, programmer device that i need to use. luckily our warehouse got components i need to program the IC

    ST micro M25P32
    top mark (25P32V6G)
    PN: 77P7524AA

    bin file for BM622

    Leaper48 Universal IC writer

    nakakatuwa lang.. pag pumayag yun friend ko..susubuka ko ito :)

    inputs are welcome :)
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  2. Ok yan (y)
    pag may magka problema rito about blank wan.
    cgurado sayu mag pm :)
  3. GravityZer05 - oo nga sir, nag program nako ng dalawang WAN eeprom, wait ko na lang confirmation ng owner (friend) nung TABO nya (BM622) pag nag GO sya, i mount ko na ito :) medyo na train din ako mag solder noon noon pa hahaha...

    im looking for FW IC naman at program nito, lurkin around the net ulit hunt ng FW at tamang IC topmark, :)

    thanks bro ...
  4. hehehe welcome at sa ganun mayroon naman tech rito dami nang matulongan (y)
  5. WAN IC ST micro M25P32
    -done programming 2pcs wan ic.

    Spansion IC for it firmware
    - looking for a BIN file 2009/2010/2011

    anyone ??, pa share hehehe :)

    Last edited: Mar 13, 2014
  6. Update: BLANK WAN solved!!

    after a few IC i tried using dump i got from the internet, i finally can change mac and write it for WAN and LAN.

    picture below came from sir Jo. it is thesame original mounted IC from my blank wan TABO BM622, reflashing the IC solves it. i found out that my sub part IC cannot perform change mac, and it only gives me the error of "set WiMAX MAC error!"

    see some of my SS below.

    - IC topmark
    - Write error
    - WAN OK
    - Leaper48 interface

    Attached Files:

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  7. ayos haha. push mo yan bro :) pwede mo pag kakitaan ang pag rerepair :D !
  8. wow galing mo TS.matry din nga yan pag maytime.
  9. thanks bro's pwnthis and Techjhul hahaha.. in time :) pwede yan but for now im busy looking for potential MAC that can be use hahaha...

    just an addition, eto yung gma IC na di pwede magamit na natry ko :)

    Attached Files:

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  10. just an update, its been 4days already... got MAC from a friend, and i can say it works ok, can skype and chat with my wife and baby even download môviês in no time..LOL off peak. hehehe

    looking for a tabo again..hahaha
  11. ang galling, keep it up bossing Swoosh.(y)
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  12. Anya0711 - chief thank you :) hehehe, meron akong another project na tabo from a friend, i check ko pa ung unit kung ano magagawa ko hehehe, update ko nalang din tong thread ko :)

    hooray sa PHCorner.net at sa Google..
  13. Just an update:

    Issue :

    TELNET cannot login
    GUI cannot login


    FW IC removed and reprogram
    using bin file.


    OK and working good.
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  14. nice :D ang galing mo naman sir :D
  15. @ Clarkz - bro thank you hehehe... tumagal yung process ko kasi i have 1 x.bin file for the firmware, na ka pag proram ako ng 2 kinds of IC spansion and MX IC but after mounting the IC my maibboard resulted to no work.

    i programmed 2 different IC's SPANSION and MX IC both TSOP48 i even tried TSOP56 all those IC did work, i thought at first that it was the IC who is not compatible with the mobo. so what i did next is to copy/dump the FW IC i have came from my mobo, tho i know there is something wrong with my FW. i compare the checksum from x.bin file i use vs. y.bin my dump. i noticed that there is a difference, what i did next is to search the google for the FW 2009 package of BM622, after download and tried it on my original IC, it works ok now. telnet and GUI reset to original login and passwords.

    update:7:00am 3/13

    today i will try my working bin file, to different IC that i used yesterday, im thinkin that those IC can work also with a good working bin file. SPANSION and MX IC.

    picture of IC's and programmer socket i used.

    Attached Files:

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    Last edited: Mar 13, 2014
  16. bos baka may alam ka kung saan nakabili yan turuan mo ko para magawa ko tabo ko
  17. @ Cleriss623 - bro, yung mga gamit ko dito sa company those are made to order sockets for IC, different IC corresponds to difference programmer. ano ba issue ng tabo mo? BLANK WAN or na FWD?
  18. blank wan sir lan lang napapalitan yung wan blanko tapos may sindi lahat ng signal
  19. ^^ reflashing ng WAN IC yan sir.. 00:00:00:00:00:01? right? ganyan din yung sakin nung nabili ko yung tabo ko BLANK WAN :) na remote din ng mga kolokoy..after ko ma repair ganyan ko, next naman na firmware destroyed ako..anak ng mga sardinas!! 2 weeks palang ako sa scene naranasan ko na agad yung mga lokoy moves!!

    where you from ba?
  20. sir im from cavite dami nga loko sa unit na to!!
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