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Blood Brother part 1

Discussion in 'Stories, Fiction & Essays' started by DonttrustanyonE, May 5, 2016.

  1. Blood Brother

    Farmer Fred was the son of a father whom had 2 wives during the cold war era. Now from the technologies of the cold war from radios to now-a-days cell phones, he became accustomed to receiving text messages. He had just received 2 text messages from his best pen pal named Darren and another figure. "Heys, just checking in on u, u fine? I noe it's been crap for me these years, I just got out of the mental hospital for Tourette syndrome." One was friendly the other wasn't yet he felt no threats from the recent messages he'd been receiving from a mysterious person named "Rendra" and apparently he was quite amused that it seemed more like a hoax to him.
    Dear Fred

    I will destroy your family, your wife your land and I will make you watch in horror as your happy little breadwinner life ebbs away into the shadow. You make me sick Fred, you watch, a dog has his day.

    I, my, our vinglo

    I've Foul o redy

    Tin hag the bro half

    I'm 'R' Rosy

    Mean 'C' give for you

    Sincerely Rendra
    What is this gibberish? Is it Spanish or something? Both of these statements seemed so fabricated, it doesn't make sense and these vague threats; god knows why it's been directed to him.
    He threw the fabricated letters written in blood in his bin. He chuckled to himself as if nothing had happened when the letter clearly said it would kill his wife, family and suck out his wealth slowly so he could see the pain as he would slowly fade away helpless to do anything.
    A figure 100 meters away was watching intently with flashing binoculars, and then grunted once he had known the letters were thrown in the bin and fled into the shadows.
    * * * * *
    Within an empty parched desert the winds hurled themselves against the featureless landscape. Despite the land being so desolate, there lay a small yet cynical building in the middle of scorched land. It was dodgy in its own way; the way it was built probably explains that. Covered in rusting parapet boards, few bobs of litter there or here, thick wooden boards covering the entrance it had the appearance of a dying Kenyan shanty town slum yard. It remained so normal with those features, yet the unexplainable black sleek power generators on the back of the building seemed so abnormal. It also had huge LED lights; the size of a man's fist shimmering in the fiery hot sun, attached to it was a state-of-the-art electrostatic sophisticated supercomputer which stuck about 4/5 of its parts off the ground.
    Miles away in a four wheel drive seats a mad and deranged looking scientist on his verge to discover something so taboo that made his face seemed so inflamed with a madcap look. His teeth were biting down on his tongue which was also sludged to his cheeks like a dog peering outside a car in excitement. His eyes seemed like tennis ball, without blinking or moving which would've been mistaken for a statues eye. He was glued on to the building desolate in the featureless landscape.
    He was cursing to himself, his life, his failures and when his wife left him.
    "Gah, that son of a bastart of a farmer Fred, his ignorance and simplicity sickens me" he coughed under his breath. He peckered his finger on a Hello Kitty doll which was tied to his finger.
    Just you watch Katie I will destroy Fred, with my supercomputer I intend to destroy you, your wife, your kids and your little cheerily life. Then I intend to rule this world like a god. Then he laughed hysterically into the dry air.
    The four wheel drive eventually came to its destination, when it braked a veiling cloud of dust had flung into the dry air. The mad scientist came out, his appearance was of what a stereotypical mad scientist should look like, frizzled white hair gelled back, his face square and hard, wearing his laboratory coating overalls as he walked to the entrance of the abandoned look - alike building. He smashed his way in using his bare knuckles to remove the weak wooden board. Then he pushed his body against the door, it creaked eerily. The scientist went down a gloomy staircase then eventually made his way to a single room crammed with state of the art gadgets and gizmos that techno freaks would drool over. The room was whirring with sounds and lights, buttons blinking, screens flashing; machines humming gave it a hectic environment to live.
    It was cool, the room. In the middle stood a gigantic sleek black supercomputer, featureless and simple. It looked more like a fancy lifeless pod or futuristic coffin for a troll, stuck on it were a large LCD screen and a little opening for the output of the device.
    The scientist smiled baring his teeth with satisfaction. He walked towards the machine and pressed the power button. It booted, asking for the passkey, only the scientist knew it himself.
    He punched it into an unseeable keypad, and then it had asked for a data disk.
    Waving a data disk which he pulled out from his *phcorner* pocket, he gladly whipped it into the computer which it ate the disk obediently. A message flickered on the screen and the scientist smiled maliciously.
    HARBRINGER was a machine that could create anything out of nothing, never before has such a discovery or creation been made. A machine which abolished the alchemy theory, destroyer of the science principals and the supporter of the theory of creation a machine that can create anything out of nothing with a simple command. The no such for things of equivalent exchange would cease to exist. This was his act. This was his world to rule.
    An Act of a Divine God. To be a God is to be Divine and to be divine is to punish.
    The scientist ©râckled in with an uncontrollable laughter.
    "Now to test my HARBRINGER, my beauty, we shall see what becomes at an end of you...Fred!" He blurted it out into the cool air. He curled his bony fingers and leered at the machine in excitement.
    He punched into the keypad of the PRODUCTION button and the machine whirled and the LED shimmered frantically with flamboyant colours which made the dark room feel like a mini disco hall.
    He got out a piece of paper; this was a list to test the machines capabilities.
    • Money
    • Beer
    • Woman
    "Money!" the scientist commanded.
    The machine hummed then gradually buzzed with an unstable shaking in the generator. The processor was on overdrive, the metal casing started to violently quiver and low steam evaporated out of the cooling. Then it the tremor gradually died down and the machine hummed normally.
    Out of output chute came a hard block of cold, hard green bills. The mad scientist walked over to the machine and squealed with exhilaration. He picked up the block of cash and smelt it, then he examined it carefully to caress the bills with his nose. Suddenly his eyes widened and his face went pale.
    He saw the little printing, of Monopoly TRADEMARK Copyright: Not to be distributed.
    This isn't money...Its...Its...ITS.
    He glanced at the machine, to find a mocking message.
    LOL...enjoy using it
    The mad scientist closed his eyes, he was in a state reminiscence, passing various memories through his 180IQ brain. He struck gold. He had placed the wrong disk into the machine, he rummaged into his coat pocket to find that a red disk splashed with black ink of 'Harbringer' on it, instead he had unfortunately placed the 'Jestering Joker' into the machine. His faced turn pale to ghost white and his cheek bones bared, he sprinted over to the other side of the machine and pressed the ABORT button. A message blinkered on the LCD screen.
    Nice try boi...gahahaha.
    His programmed it stupidly enough not even to have an abort process; he even forgot to fix up his programming vocabulary. "Boi?" Just Great when things couldn’t get better.
    He calmed himself breathing in slowly.
    Maybe I can negotiate with the Jestering Joker and it may help me against destroying Fred.
    He typed a message into the machine.
    Can I have your cooperation to destroy Fred, please?
    We'll see Suitor, we'll see.
    It's a female personality? Oh Lord. I just hope this machine isn’t transsexual.
    "Beer?" he asked politely.
    The machine whirled and a stub of beer popped out of chute. He then turned the cap and it popped off, he swinged it down his throat. It was salty.
    It's salty...Why is it salty?
    He spluttered the beer out, coughing and gagging his throat. Squinting at the screen in confusion, another message blinkered.
    GAHAHAHA I hope you like Jahash Urine.
    He scowled and howled with fury and kicked the machine. Then he screamed at it frantically like a baby crying out for a new nappy on the floor and started to hit the machine helplessly.
    Ow...Ok...Ok I'll help on this one, I'll give you anything from now on. A new message blinkered.
    Standing up, he fixed his tie and returned to his normal madcap expression.
    "Women" he commanded.
    Your Wish Is My Command.
    This time the machine went into over clocking speed, something beyond what it was currently capable of. The casing tore off and the steam seeped from all side and an uncontrollable shaking made the scientist skin stand on end as he watched his machine almost destroy itself. Thick smoke filled the room with the effects of the thick humidity making the scientist sweat, from both terror and hotness.
    Out of the cute came a deranged looking women in her 80s, she had white frizzy curly hair up to her chest. She was hideous, buck tooth, saggy dry shin and a snout that made a pig look human.
    "GAH!!!" the scientist screamed, "You mocked me, you still mock me, I created you to destroy farmer Fred, you are my servant OBEY!!" he shrieked.
    Feh...the day I obey you is the day I turn human, It’s was what you asked for wasn’t it, “A Women” you just never specified the age and by the way that woman has taken a liking to you.
    The deranged woman crawled to the scientist, and started to lick the scientist boots. Stress spiked through the veins of 48 year old’s brains; he was in shock from the events that were so instantaneous. His skin was shaking with a violet quiver and the trigger from the old women had set of a spark in his body.
    Errgh My Torrente’s their coming back.
    "Blast! Crap! Shit! Bitch!" he screeched almost petrified, trying his best to hold it in but it was too late.
    Your wish is my Command. The LCD blinked.
    “Huh? No sto-” the scientist turned to glimpse before an unpredicted event occurred.

    * * *
    Farmer Fred had a bad year, his crops hadn't had grown as big due the increase in fertiliser prices. He sighed from his tractor in dismay, then swiping the sweat from his brow he came out of the tractor facing the sun. He squinted a look to see a huge mushroom cloud expelled itself into the air, his eyes blinked twice to see if he was imagining things.
    A cataclysmic explosion had occurred a mile away, it was brown and a strong stench suddenly expunged in the air. Farmer Fred covered his nose and shouted to Margret, "Margret, did you place the fertiliser into the crops?" Fred questioned to the house. From the house a small yet hear able squeal could be heard, "No honey, I was going to sprinkle it this afternoon after you finishing sowing."
    Fred was confused. Then suddenly a meteorite suddenly smashed onto the farmland, Fred winced at the shock and cowered in his tractor. It was followed by another, and then eventually showers of meteorites the size of a small truck started to hit in the hundreds.
    The world is coming to an end! IT's Wormwood! The Armageddon!
    Some small debris hit his straw hat; he whipped it off and examined it with his fingers in curiosity and terror.
    It's not rock, its animal excretement and human faecal matter. I’ve struck Gold. This isn't punishment from above; God gave me another source for myself to grow my crops.
    "Thank you Lord, this may not be gold, money or power but even this animal and human excretement will allow my family to live long years, Thank the Lord, Thank the Christ!" he shouted into the open air in great happiness.
    His head whipped around to check himself if he was hurt, then the tractor for damage. To the farmer’s dismay he found a charred dead female dog on the tractors old wheezing engine. Raining dog? It really must be the end of the world...
    Nil could be found on the other equipment so he could go home without great disturbance, yet the feeling of other survivors filled his mind.
    Wait, it must have been an explosion to cause such a disturbance; then maybe I should examine the area for survivors, the impact of raining shit and dogs was quite devastating.
    He ran over his muddy hand on the four wheel drive tractor and tossed the dog on the plough field and started the engine, it ©râckled yet it was still moving. He drove into the dusty desolate land and smiled to himself from the turn of events.
    * * *

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