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Smart & TalknText [BETA] Bypassing Smart Buddy with HSS 9/28/13

Discussion in 'Free Internet Tricks' started by Mimerth, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. Mimerth

    Mimerth Eternal Poster Established


    "sabi nga ni sir 89dufpoqidjv,"Kapag may nakita kayong BUTAS pasokin niyo, kasi MASARAP ito!" :dead:

    Hello po sa lahat. :D
    Important: NO FLAMING please! :ROFLMAO:

    First of all I want to thank sir Chrizyap23 sa load. :whistle:

    Familiar na po siguro ang marami dito about globe butas trick dati (use of promo with HSS to bypass globe). Today naisipan kong mag experiment with the use of "Butas" trick sa ating pinakamamahal na buddy since may spare load ako. :D Since the day na nagblock si Smart ng HSS natin, I tried using PDproxy and we all know na meron silang port scanner, and nakita kong open UDP port sa buddy is 9201 (same with BRO sa VISMIN area). Then it came to my mind na baka pwedeng I bypass ang Buddy with the same old trick (salamat sirduf at maam drwang). I made this thread para sa mga taong mahilig mag experiment.


    >HSS portable
    >Smart buddy(green or polka)
    >5 pesos load

    1. Magload ng 5 pesos sa iyong Buddy sim

    2. Edit your config and try to connect first with HSS.
    gamitin ang config na to sa portable niyo:
    Please or Register to view links

    3. Now connect your dashboard and observe the time( 5 pesos will last for 15 mins)

    4. Now try downloading a big file when 15 mins is approaching.

    5. Hintayin ang 15 mins at kung continuous parin ang pag ping at DL mo, congrats! na bypass mo na ang 5 pesos mo. (y)


    Result of this Experiment:

    I was able to bypassed the 15 mins limit with this trick. It lasted more than an hour and di sana titigil kung di ako nag CDC. My main goal in this experiment was to be able to use HSS again by bypassing smart with rport 9201, pero hindi na ako nakaconnect ulit after ko mag recon sa config. Pero the good news is that may chance pa talaga ma bypass at magamit natin ulit si HSS sa buddy natin since na bypass ko ang limit sa 5 pesos. Di ko pa siya natry using promo such as unlisurf.


    As I said, I made this thread sa mga taong mahilig mag explore at mag experiment. There are rooms for improvements sa trick na to. And next time siguro use kayo ng internet promo ni smart at check kung ma bypass niyo. 5 pesos lang talaga ginamit ko kasi poor lang ako. :LOL: Kayo na po ang bahala sa pag edit at improve ng trick na to(change rport, use different servers, etc). Pwede din po to sa mga smartbro users natin jan sa VISMIN areas since parehong open UDP port 9201 ang sims natin. This could be a possible solution sa area natin. (y)

    There is still HOPE for HSS+ BUDDY and this experiment shows it! (y)

    Maraming salamat po sa pagtangkilik at mabuhay tayong mga HSS users! :LOL:

    welcome po lahat ng suggestions at feedback niyo. kayo na po mag experiment. :D

    PS: pakitry po using Smartbro sa VISMIN areas, di ko maunblock smartbro ko at wala itong load. :LOL: same open UDP port tayo na 9201. :)

    You can also try using ELITE Servers. Want to try HSS ELITE? Register Please or Register to view links!

    maraming salamat sayo bossing labuyo. :wideyed:

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    Last edited: Sep 28, 2013
  2. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    bro did you try this
    before sharing it here.. :cautious::unsure::yawn:
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  3. Mimerth

    Mimerth Eternal Poster Established

    Yes bro. (y)


    Last edited: Sep 28, 2013
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  4. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

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  5. Mimerth

    Mimerth Eternal Poster Established

    thanks bro, need din talaga ng lady luck, pangalawang trial ako nag success. (y)
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  6. sir makakakonect po talaga yan.. kasi po minimum ng rate ng smart ngayon is 5 pesos.. after nun wala nanaman :(
  7. Mimerth

    Mimerth Eternal Poster Established

    syempre naman po makakaconnect, alam naman po nating lahat kung gano ka takaw sa load ang smart. :LOL:
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  8. try po sir feedback mya tnx
  9. Mimerth

    Mimerth Eternal Poster Established

    Good luck din po, wait ko nalang po feedback mo. :D
  10. yan din po gamit kong port ts mula nong bumagal si pdproxy at laging full server mas ok at mas mabilis komonek at pansin ko lang mas mabilis ang connection sa server 1 kesa server 2.
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  11. thanks sir sa pag share , bago ko e try ang experiement mo:-D may ilang lang po akong katanongan dati po kasi nakakaconnect naman ako sa pdproxy at 9201 port pero nitong nagdaan na mga araw kahit makapasok ako sa server ni pdproxy na teterminate pa rin po, may posibilidad po ba na katay na yung 9201 port sa area ko.?
  12. hindi nakatay ang rport9201 this is the open port for smart. :D yung prob mo siguro why na terminate si PD is mahina signal mo or walang data transfer na nakukuha sa dashboard mo. :p
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  13. Salamat sa pag share ts....Still Working wala ng patayan ng PC or LAptop dapat sulitin ang pag bypass..Enjoy:):):)
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  14. may signal naman po at data transfer
  15. Mimerth

    Mimerth Eternal Poster Established

    pahirapan lang din po kasi talaga ang mag connect sa pd-proxy.
    ok na ok pa naman po ang port 9201. (y)
  16. maraming salamat sir. try ko maya to :D(y)
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  17. Mimerth

    Mimerth Eternal Poster Established

    Maraming salamat sa mga tulong boss @xctdz (y)
  18. Mimerth

    Mimerth Eternal Poster Established

    PS: pakitry po using Smartbro sa VISMIN areas, di ko maunblock smartbro ko at wala itong load. :LOL: same open UDP port tayo na 9201. :)
  19. # Bypassing Smart Buddy with HSS

    echo ++Khen_adi Config StyLe++
    echo ++SpeCial Thanks To++
    echo ++89dufpoqidjv++
    echo ++LaLaBuYo++

    verb 1
    dev tun
    reneg-sec 0
    proto udp
    mssfix 1400
    win-sys env
    route-method exe
    route-delay 2
    resolv-retry infinite
    auth-user-pass plain-540-silent_3.13
    push dhcp-option DISABLE-NBT
    remote 9201
    remote 3398
    lport 53

    echo ++if can't Connect try lport 666++

    AQkBFhdpbmZvQG1ldHJvZnJlZWZpdnBuLmNvbTAeFw0wNjAyMj IyMDI1MzhaFw0x
    kdWDQrWajdqqE1z0vIsCAwEAAaOB6jCB5zAdBgNVHQ4EFgQUdd GJ7gvOx2UcrTNp
    jOp1DugqnnEwgbcGA1UdIwSBrzCBrIAUddGJ7gvOx2UcrTNpjO p1DugqnnGhgYik
    JjAkBgkqhkiG9w0BCQEWF2luZm9AbWV0cm9mcmVlZml2cG4uY2 9tggkA0a0l1miU
    zVspSvKB0lA0GOOngpXtdhdxOCy0O7rXWZCIq9UnXk5ycEOIAD wSzcZtueMgAfuq
    GunYCNo9ibzXsITi2btXLNpKj7t+xex8TllpxVgmVTLBw6CWDk z3TjpXe2pQ/E+w
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2013
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