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best remaining free agents

Discussion in 'Sports' started by PurpleFox, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. 1. Please or Register to view links, PF, UFA: West is a badass of the first-degree on the floor. Even at soon-to-be-age 35, West is tough as nails and can hit the baseline pick-and-pop cold. He's a mid-range assassin and a great floor leader. West is reportedly only interested in championship-level teams and is deciding between the Spurs and the Please or Register to view links, as the Please or Register to view linksreportedly have no interest.

    Best fits: He wants to compete for a title, and San Antonio is awfully thin all of a sudden after liquidating the roster to make room for LaMarcus Aldridge. He should also consider the Please or Register to view links if he's taking a discount, despite Please or Register to view links's departure, and should look at the Please or Register to view links as well.

    2. Please or Register to view links, SG, UFA: Anderson has reportedly gotten a lot of interest, according to Yahoo, with the Please or Register to view links continuing to pursue retaining him because they seem to enjoy trapping good players in their never-ending mediocrity. Anderson is a great pickup, though. He's 33 so a long-term deal isn't called for, but he's a great perimeter defender, tough and versatile. He shot 35 percent from 3-point range last year and gave the Please or Register to view links fits in the first round.

    Best fits: Man, should the Please or Register to view links go get him and play him behind, and at times, with Afflalo. He'd be ideal in the Triangle and would give them the shooting component they need. The Please or Register to view links should have gotten him instead of Lou Williams, if we're being honest. The Please or Register to view linkswould be another good target if they could clear room or sign him using an exception as he'd give them the two-way player they need.

    3. Please or Register to view links, PF, UFA: Arthur is criminally underrated. He's not much offensively as he takes too many jumpers, and he can't quite extend his range to the perimeter despite efforts to extend it in Denver. However, he's a monster in all the quiet ways defensively. He won't block your shot into the fourth row, but he will shut down the pick and roll, bring help to the weakside and consistently make the right play. High-character, high-motor player with some injury concerns, but would still help teams a lot and he badly wants to win.

    Best fits: The Please or Register to view links reportedly are interested, but the Clippers should be the ones trying everything possible to swing something for him, whether getting him at discount or managing a sign-and-trade.

    4. Please or Register to view links, F, RFA: Teletovic is reportedly looking at returning to Europe, but if he stays in the NBA he's a great pickup for a team needing shooting. He can absolutely blister the nets, no pun intended.

    Best fits: Well, Portland finds itself with some cap room to maneuver with. He'd give them the shooting dimension it's lacking right now. Boston's another team that should explore adding him, given its need for a little more versatility on the wings.

    5. Please or Register to view links, PG, UFA: Williams is still a quality backup point guard. He's able to run the pick and roll and hit some pull-up and spot-up jumpers. Good locker room dude, too.

    Best fits: There's a reason Memphis has been after him in various trade scenarios, but the Please or Register to view links should take a look at him, even with Rondo and Collison on board. If the market doesn't develop for him, he should look at taking a discount to go with the Please or Register to view links. He could realistically start there if they don't sign Jeremy Lin.

    6. Please or Register to view links, SF, RFA: The Nuggets extended the qualifying offer to Barton and it's likely he returns after being traded from Portland last year in the Afflalo deal. Barton is athletic and has good upside even if he's still mistake-prone at age 24. He can give good minutes on the wing.

    Best fits: Denver makes the most sense with where the roster is at, but if he were available, the Please or Register to view links should explore adding him before they re-sign all their various components.

    7. Please or Register to view links, C, RFA: OK, so I need to talk about Kanter for a little bit. Kanter is unquestionably a talented post scorer. His raw production is very good. He's a nice piece and still very young. What's more, the Please or Register to view links have no cap space so they need to keep all the talent they can retain; they don't really have much choice other than to get a deal for Kanter.

    However, there are big men that are "not good" at defense. Al Jefferson. Aldridge from time to time, honestly. Please or Register to view links. But the effort is there. They are just physically limited. Kanter, on the other hand, is outright bad, to the point where teams literally targeted him in the first halves of games over and over last year. Yes, Please or Register to view links will help clean that up, but you can still stretch Ibaka to the corner with stretch four and put Kanter on an island. And that island is easier to raid than a Margaritaville resort.

    So yes, Kanter has value. But you're likely paying him big money for a player that is a serious defensive liability and whose offense skill doesn't really improve your team's offensive efficiency; he just gets his own. How valuable is that in the modern NBA. Ask yourself this: what role would Kanter play with the Spurs or Warriors?

    Best fits: The Thunder have to keep him, like I said, so it's a moot point. But if he were on the market, the Please or Register to view links should take a long look at him with that cap space they cleared for Aldridge. Chandler could cover for him and he'd give them a good post presence.

    8. Please or Register to view links, PF, UFA: Scola's at the end of his rope, but he can still give good minutes. He still hustles every minute he's on the floor, and he's all savvy.

    Best fits: The Spurs are looking at compromised depth and were the team to draft, and then trade, Scola. A return to the team that should have kept him in the first place would be a good end to his career, especially with their international-heavy roster.

    9. Please or Register to view links, PG, UFA:cSloan is 27 and a low-efficiency shooter (41 percent last season, 31 percent from 3-point range.) But he did average 13 points and six assists per 36 minutes last season and can run the offense. He had some big scoring nights as well.

    Best fits: Spurs, Knicks, and actually the Sixers should take a long look at him. If New Orleans doesn't retain Norris Cole, he'd be a good fill-in.

    10. Please or Register to view links, PG, UFA: Cole got a bad rap in Miami. He contributed to championship teams with his aggressiveness. His defense in the first round was stellar vs. the future champs last spring. He's quick and aggressive. The mistakes will drive you crazy, but the energy plays will ignite your team.

    Best fits: Chicago would be perfect for him. He'd add a lot of what the Bulls need, and he can play in combo-guard systems comfortably.

    11. Please or Register to view links, SF, UFA: Please or Register to view links always credits Mbah a Moute with teaching him a high level of defense when they were in Milwaukee. LRMAM is a pro's pro. He's an offensive-neutral but he's a defensive genius. There's no reason he can't contribute the same Please or Register to view links did for the Thunder and Hawks before his injury.

    Best fits: The Clippers should engage him to try and give them some versatile depth. They need bigs, but LRMAM would give them a different dimension for smallball. I mean, they employed Please or Register to view links last year.

    12. Please or Register to view links, SG, UFA: You need points? Green's got shots.

    Best fits: The Please or Register to view links should think about adding him to give them someone who can only score. Denver is short on roster spots, but given the likelihood that they make a trade, Green might be a smart flier pickup.

    13. Please or Register to view links, PG, UFA: Does what he does. Brooks is a good backup point guard who can score in bunches.

    Best fits: Sam Hinkie used to work for the Rockets, who found and developed Brooks. Brooks would at least give them a capable point guard for cheap to run the offense.

    14. Please or Register to view links, PG, UFA: Doc's kiddo is likely headed back to the Clippers because they don't have a choice, but he actually showed he can do some things. Rivers is worth a roster spot, which is an improvement.

    Best fits: I know this sounds crazy, but the Spurs wouldn't be the worst idea. They do not have the money, however. Dallas could desperately use him, but again, no money. It's really just the Clippers.

    15. Please or Register to view links, PG, UFA: The Mavericks have been chasing Lin for weeks, we'll see if they can figure something out for him. Lin's a fine point guard, but that's all he's going to be, and a starting role may still be too much for him. With Dallas' guard rotation though, beggars can't be choosers.

    Best fits: The Mavericks make a lot of sense. Chicago would be good as well, able to cover for him defensively.

    16. Please or Register to view links, PG, UFA: Barbosa is still able to come in and contribute to a championship team. Still fast despite being 100 years old.

    Best fits: Going back to Phoenix would be a really good cap to his career.

    17. Please or Register to view links, SG, UFA: Yup, never giving up on Thornton. I'll be the last guy to abandon him.

    Best fits: The Sixers should give him a run, the Knicks could use him for depth as well.

    18. Please or Register to view links, SF, RFA: Poor kid. McDaniels had such an awesome year, until the Sixers decided he was helping them win too often and Houston had no room for him.

    Best fits: The Lakers, Nuggets, Pistons and Magic should all be way more interested in McDaniels than they reportedly are.

    19. Please or Register to view links, F, UFA: Smith's such a complicated situation. He's still being paid by the Pistons, but any money he earns on a new contract is taken off that amount. The Rockets need him back, and will likely re-sign him, but he is, technically, a free agent and better than most on this list, so we'll include him. If he can shoot 3-pointers like he did in that playoff run, he's a an entirely different player. Of course, he also fell apart defensively in the Western Conference Finals (his switch coverage on Steph Curry was maddening). Still, he can help a team.

    Best fits: The Knicks should honestly take a long look at him with his versatility in the post and on the wing, the Rockets need to retain him, and every team that has cap space but isn't a contender should avoid him like the plague. Too many risks.

    20. J.R. Smith, G, UFA: Speaking of complicated situations... Smith is likely to re-sign with the Cavaliers because they don't have much in the way of breathing room but there's a reason they've been linked to trade rumors for Joe Johnson. They need Smith back but only at the right price. Smith needs them a lot more. His foolish flagrant foul that warranted an ejection and suspension at the end of the first round gave way to his hot streak in the second round and Eastern Conference Finals, only for his carriage to once again turn into a pumpkin in the Finals. Smith was an abject disaster vs. the Warriors. It's one thing for him to not shoot well, but Smith defended exceptionally poorly on a team that was hanging on in that series because of their defense.

    He is not worth the headache for most teams, but that hasn't stopped them from handing him millions of dollars through the years.

    Best fits: The Cavaliers do need him for depth, but if he can't get a deal done there, the Clippers should be his next stop, even on a one-year contract. The Magic also desperately need shooters but he's not a great locker room fit. There will be some team that will think he's worth the flier on, however.
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