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Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by connectibyte, May 31, 2015.

  1. Top Best Torrent Sites 2015
    Top Best Torrent Sites 2015

    Here is list of all Top Best Torrent Sites List 2015 :-
    Torrent:- It is nothing but a small file which contains information related to the downloading file.But the download speed of the torrent totally depends up on the seeds,peers, and leechers.

    Here is the list of Top best 10 torrent sites 2015, Best and Most Popular Torrent Sites 2015,

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    Founded over 10 years ago, known to the Greeks and Trojans, being news in the media almost every week. In 2013 also ranked first. Your Alexa Rank varies changes each time domain is blocked in the country chosen to operate.

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    Keeping also second in 2015. It was founded in 2009 and quickly rose to the top 10, originally under the domain kat.ph but recently changed to Kickass.to.Was blocked in the UK and Italy, but continues to grow in popularitybest torrenting sites uk.

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    It is a known Torrent search engine that works for many years, but does not host any torrent files on their servers and redirects visitors to other websites. Have multiple domains, the most popular .eu. In 2013 also occupied the 3rd position Best and Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2015.

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    Scale position relative to 2013 despite being one of the most threatened by the MPAA. Have a history of several legal problems, one of which forced them to change their domain .com for .cc.

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    They were locked in the UK and having opened just three years ago is already in the top 10. Very little known until now, since first entering the list and climbed straight to number 5 Best and Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2015.

    6) EZTV
    It is a specialized TV content (series and documentaries) search engine. Its traffic depends on the seasons popular series, so up and down in the ranking many times in the year. He climbed a position with respect to 2013.

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    It’s kind of torrents social network where users are the stars, rather than the content. It is locked in the UK, and this year was down on the list Best and Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2015.

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    Born two months ago in response to the closing of the famous isoHunt.com, BUT their owners have no relationship with the former. The design is the same to win other users, and has millions of page views per day, which is impressive for a site generated so recently.

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    They have an index of over 21 million torrent files, but decreased as compared to last year.

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    Born a few years ago in Bulgaria, and like isoHunt.to, is the only one of the top 10 was not yet locked in the UK, which makes it very popular in the country. This year makes its debut on this list, displacing competitors that were closed as h33t.
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  2. Torrentz pag nag click ka ng nxt page or number madalas open a new tab pero yung old tab ma redicrect sa advertisement links.
    EZTV medyo humina ang mga torrent files nila since na hack sila earlier this year. konti nlng yung mga tv series na na upload or hinid na nila na update yung iba an minsan wala like heroes reborn or sobrang late yung mga torrents nila maupload dun. jsut my experience po.
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