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Trivia beauty & health benefits of banana

Discussion started by Yours, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Beauty & health benefits of banana for skin, hair, and more

    1. 1. More Energy
    2. Lower Blood Pressure
    3. Increase Brain Power
    4. Boost Digestion
    5. Lower Cholesterol
    6. Support Renal Health
    7. Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease
    8. Decrease The Risk Of Cancer
    9. Good For Pregnant Women
    10. Build Healthy Bones
    11. Fight Off Stomach Ulcers
    12. Improve Vision
    13. Alleviate Heartburn
    14. Recover From Hangover
    15. Good For Weight Loss
    16. Prevent Insomnia
    17. Good For Skin And Hair

    Bananas have nutrients necessary for the skin. Actually, they consist of a large amount of vitamin B6 and vitamin C which plays an important role in maintaining the elasticity as well as integrity of the skin. In addition, as the rich source of antioxidants and manganese, bananas helps you protect your body from damage resulted by oxygen free radicals which are the causes of premature aging of the human skin.
    · You can use banana as a natural moisturizer by mashing a ripe banana and apply it on your facial skin. Wait for about 15-25 minutes before washing it with lukewarm water. By that way, you will get softer and whiter skin. also, you can add honey to that face mask to get rid of pigmentation naturally.
    · Using banana also helps you get glowing skin. Due to the large amount of vitamin C presented, bananas can maintain the youthful and natural glow of the skin. You can combine lemon juice, honey, sandalwood to create a suitable face mask for your skin type. If you use appropriately, you can reduce the appearance of spots, blemishes, and keep the skin moisturized naturally. [
    · Another one in this list of health and beauty benefits of banana is playing a role as skin scrubs. Due to the high value of antioxidants, you can make use of banana and mix it with some special ingredients to get rid of dead skin, and leave it feeling rejuvenated. Some ingredients could be oats, milk, sugar, uncooked rice, coconut milk, or strawberries. You can alternate them and choose the best face mask suitable for your skin type.
    · Other beauty benefits of banana are treating itchy skin, curing acne, packing for wrinkles, treating psoriasis and warts, and relieving dandruff. So, you can expect the effectiveness of having smooth skin and hair without using any kind of drugs or artificial beauty products.
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