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Trivia Beautifying Your Legs

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Yours, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Beautifying Your Legs

    1. Tan your legs. Many people consider tanned legs to be attractive. If you want a tanned glow to your legs, you have a few options. The most natural (and, arguably, the most enjoyable) of these is to tan naturally. If you live somewhere hot enough in Spring or Summer, you can go out and sunbathe yourself a good tan. Otherwise, tanning salons are quite abundant in city centres; find one close to you and attend sessions fairly regularly for a consistent glow.
      • If you're tanning naturally, take care to use sunscreen. Overexposure to the sun can lead to serious skin problems, which obviously won't help you on your quest for perfect legs.
      • You can use a fake tan product like bronzer if you lack the time or means to tan naturally. Just make sure not to overdo it, as the effect of using too much can be comedic and cartoonish.

    2. 2
      Give yourself a leg massage. Using your preferred type of herbal oil, a calm and thorough leg massage can be a pleasant and effective way to encourage blood flow and give your skin a renewed glow. Please or Register to view links Although the effect won't last more than a day, the routine itself can be a perfect way to wind down in the evening, so you won't feel hard-pressed to make time for it after a day of working.
      • Getting someone else to do this may prove more stimulating and effective.

    3. 3
      Exfoliate your skin. If you're not exfoliating already, you may find exfoliating gives your legs an invigorated glow and radiance. After you shöwër, take a loofah, scrub or pumice stone and gently rub your legs in a soft, circular motion. The friction will remove dead skin flakes, leaving your legs looking (and feeling) better than before. Because it's recommended you exfoliate after the shöwër, it's usually easy to work this into your daily hygiene schedule. Please or Register to view links

    4. 4
      Explore tattoos and other body art. Though it depends on your personal taste in aesthetics, some people find tattoos to be a powerful accent on their bodies. A visible tattoo on your leg can make your leg that much more unique and personal. Failing that, certain times of body art, such as henna, may be used as a temporary way to beautify legs. Your body can be your very own living canvas.
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