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Tutorial baka makatulong para sa mga low specs PC's

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by nadzbelarmino, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. enable readyboost on hdd
    by creating vhd
    and tweaking regedit

    first create vhd (kayo na bahala gaano kalaki)
    run regedit
    locate hkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/windows nt/currentversion/emdmgmt
    under emdmgmt hanapin ang ginawang vhd
    tapos add this strings:(nasa attachment)

    now enable readyboost!

    pagpasensyahan nyo po kung madalian
    upload ko lang screenshots pag may time..

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  2. Di ko maintindihan.:cry: Sana po may screenshots.
  3. xyts

    xyts Addict Established

    ok ba 2..? baka imbes na maka2long maka.damage pa 2..?
  4. Untitled.jpg

    follow lang po ng maayos ang instruction
    para hindi madamage ang pc
    kasi registry ang ginagalaw dito..
  5. tsok111

    tsok111 Eternal Poster Established

    Using ReadyBoost-capable flash memory ( Please or Register to view links devices) for caching allows Please or Register to view links and later to service random disk reads with better performance than without the cache. This caching applies to all disk content, not just the page file or system DLLs. Flash devices typically are slower than a mechanical hard disk for sequential I/O, so, to maximize performance, ReadyBoost includes logic that recognizes large, sequential read requests and has the hard disk service these requests. Please or Register to view links

    When a compatible device is plugged in, the Windows Please or Register to view links dialog offers an additional option to use the flash drive to speed up the system; an additional "ReadyBoost" tab is added to the drive's properties dialog where the amount of space to be used can be configured. Please or Register to view links The minimum cache size is 250 MB. In Vista or with FAT32 formatting of the drive, the maximum is 4 GB. In Windows 7 with NTFS or exFAT formatting, the maximum cache size is 32 GB per device. Windows Vista allows only one device to be used, while Windows 7 allows multiple caches, one per device, up to a total of 256 GB. Please or Register to view links

    ReadyBoost compresses and encrypts, with Please or Register to view links, all data that is placed on the flash device; Microsoft has stated that a 2:1 compression ratio is typical, so a 4 GB cache would usually contain 8 GB of data. Please or Register to view links

    ReadyBoost is for speed. Hard drive already has "virtual memory" which is slow. ReadyBoost will not make data transfer from the hard drive any faster. Reason there is ReadyBoost is so you don't have to access the hard drive's virtual ram when you have inadequate ram installed. You need high speed USB 2.0 pendrives for ReadyBoost. Some pendrives, althou still a lot faster than a hard drive, aren't fast enough for ready-boost so should only use "ready-boost certified" USB 2.0 pen drives.
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  6. Thanks for sharing :)
  7. Di ko na gets pwede bang my screenshot ka
  8. hannyloyde

    hannyloyde Journeyman Established

  9. ano po ginagawa ng trick na 'to?
  10. Using flash drive pwede mo i gawing readyboost diba
  11. muzik777

    muzik777 Eternal Poster Established

    thanks for the info.. :) keep on sharing.. (y)
  12. thanks sa info boss.. (y)
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