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Baby Names you must consider

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Yours, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. 10 Baby Names You've Never Heard But Must Consider

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    Expect your baby boy to be a fighter? Try the name "Arlo."
    In the original Old English, it means "a fortified hill."

    If your boy has a sweet disposition, try the name "Bodhi."
    It's a Buddhist term for awakening or enlightenment.

    Go Biblical with a deeper cut than "David" or "Jacob." How about "Enoch?"
    In the book of Genesis, Enoch was the son of Cain.

    If your boy is very slender, try the Irish name "Kael."
    It means "thin" in the Irish Gaelic language.

    The Sanskrit word "Vihaan" is an increasingly popular name for boys.
    Vihaan refers to the beginning of a new era, so it's an auspicious name for your baby boy.

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    As for girls, how about the name "Aviana?"
    It comes from the Latin word for birds and recently started getting renewed attention when actress Amy Adams gave the name to her daughter.

    If you expect your baby girl to be a beauty, consider the name "Calla."
    It's an ancient Greek name that means "the most beautiful."

    For a magical baby girl, you can't beat the name"Elora."

    "Harlyn" is a unique and beautiful name for a baby girl.

    Try the Swahili name "Zuri" for your little girl. It means "beautiful."

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