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Awkward Poses

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Yours, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Models in Awkward Poses

    These handsome people seem more than a little embarrassed by the poses they’ve been forced into. What puzzles us is the inspiration behind these very bizarre situations.
    This Is Rubbish...
    But I can make it look sê×ÿ.

    Life is a Balancing act...
    I can portray that through this stool

    Bend me Shape me Any Way you want me...
    ... I'll make it look fierce.

    I'm too sê×ÿ for the pool...
    But not for this puddle.

    Rock 'n' Roll Gymnastics...
    ...sometimes you're just so rock and roll you just gotta pull a shape in the street.
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  2. thank you :P
  3. yung na una hugawan..:hilarious:
  4. hahaha feel na feel niya ang smokey mountain :D
  5. EARZE

    EARZE PHC Contributor Established

    Thanks for Sharing Boss.. (y)
  6. youre welcome din boss :)
  7. Thanks for Sharing!
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  8. youre welcome :)
  9. Thanks for sharing :)
  10. You're welcome boss :)
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