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Avangardmu s8e2 | 8x | 30% | unique config | no reset |

Discussion in 'Browser Games' started by vinzy, Dec 22, 2014.

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  1. AvangardMU - Low Server Information


    * Version: Season 86 Episode 2
    * Experience: 8x
    * Drop: 30%
    * Point Per Level: 5/6/7
    * Official Mu Helper Online Cost: 50,000 Zen for 5 Min.
    * Max Master Skill Tree: 330 Level
    * Max Party Diferense: 150 Levels
    * Soldier Elf Buff Till: 220 Level
    * Create Character Requirement Level: MG-220, DL-250, RF-150
    * Cash Shop In Game Work (by pressing 'x')
    * Bot Pet System Work
    * Bot Buffers Work
    * Extra Experience In Some Maps
    * Silver & Gold Party Experience Configured And Work


    * /post message (global chat price: 100,000 zen, to use post you need 50 level)
    * /add addstr, addagi, addvit, addene, addcmd (add stats price: free)
    * /pkreset nick (use to clear your or your friends pk status, one pk level cost 100 Goblin Points, available only for Silver and Gold Premium users.)
    * /offtrade (free offline private store system, sell stuff for zen and jewels)
    * /partyleader nick (set leaeder in party)
    * /request on or off (block all request from players)
    * /guildwar guild name (request for start guild war)
    * /battlesoccer guild name (request for start battlesoccer)


    * New Premium Web Engine
    * Vote Reward Work (vote every 12h / 24h and earn free credits)
    * Market Work
    * Refferal System Work (invite friends to HealMU using refferal link and earn free credits)
    * Zen Wallet Work
    * WCoins Exchange Work


    * Blood Castle
    * Devil Square
    * Chaos Castle
    * Golden Dragon Invasion
    * Cry Wolf
    * Raklion Event
    * Bone King
    * Castle Deep Event
    * Kanturu Event
    * White Wizard Event
    * And More


    * Chaos Weapon Mix Percents: (Max: 100%)
    * First Wings Mix Percents: (Max: 90%)
    * Second Wings Mix Percents: (Max: 80%)
    * 2.5 Wings Mix Percents: (Max: 80%)
    * Third Wings Mix Percents: (Max: 40%)
    * Condor Feather Mix Percents: (Max: 80%)
    * Dark Horse Mix Percents: 60%
    * Dark Spirit Mix Percents: 60%
    * Fenrir Mix Percents: 100% / 50% / 30%
    * Socket Seed Mix Max Success Rate: 85%
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    FORUM: Please or Register to view links
    EVENTS: Please or Register to view links!EVENTS/c1jjb
    FACEBOOK: Please or Register to view links
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    SKYPE: wiralys
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