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Android App Automaton Pro [Php67.78]

Discussion in 'Android Applications' started by zharlzzz, Oct 6, 2013.

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    Automaton Pro is an Revolutionary app which specially focuses on Automating your Device using Sensors.

    ♥ XDA EDITOR IN CHIEF Will Verduzco says: “Magically” wakes the device right when you want to use it

    ♥ Works on Phones, Phablets & Tablets too.

    Automaton provides Powers of 2 awesome different Worlds :

    ● Automaton Air Gestures : The fastest & magical way to use your device making your life hassle free giving capability to performing job faster & unleashing true Multitasking.

    ♥ Why copy S4 Air Gestures, Let's Beat Them All !!!!

    Currently, Gestures are almost complete with few features missing !

    ● Automaton Sensors: gives you ability to use various sensors of your device like Proximity, Light, etc Sensors depending upon which Sensor configuration you choose & very high precision of determining whether to lock/unlock device.

    Instantly locks & unlocks your device just when you want to.

    Tons of Sensor Modes to choose from, variety of features which you would love to use.
    Tons of other features to increase the fun of using Automaton Sensors

    ♥ Experience true Automation
    ♥♥ Get ready to unleash true Powers of Sensors in Android.

    Extra Features :

    ● Ignore App List: Select the app for which my app should stop for preventing accidental lock while playing game & app doesn't disturb during that game
    ● Night Mode: Select the time & app stops during that time interval
    ● Calibration: Sensors can be calibrate means you can adjust the value for lock & unlock for better usage & comfort
    ● Custom ROM support: Applies special tweaks during first start up
    ● Plethora of Well Tailored Settings for Customizing the working of App
    ● Say Time : Tell the time on Unlock

    ♥ Join the Automaton Discussion on G+ Community :
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    ♥ Join the beta project to make Automaton more Better:
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    ♥ Help me translate to your mother tongue:
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    Basic uses of app:

    ● Control Device
    ● Basic Lock / Unlock of device
    ● Saves the hardware keys from damage
    ● Saves battery by instantly locking device instead of pressing any key
    ● No need to find the unlock/lock hardware key again
    ● Faster access to device
    ● Makes you MAGIC MAN
    ● Helps you instantly unlock while driving (Don't try !)

    Lot many benefits ...

    For more details refer Tutorial in App.
    Please, read FAQ for more information

    Before wasting your precious money & then refunding it instead you can contact me after buying. So, that I could help fix any problem if your facing

    Buy only, if your fully satisfied using FREE version

    ● Check out the Free version :
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    Before any Bad Review just mail me your problem if I can't solve it then you can give any review you want

    Keywords: Flip Cover, Auto Lock/Unlock, Gestures, S4 Gestures, Sensors, Screen, Save Battery, Automation,Motion (Upcoming), Display, ON/OFF, Calibrate, Hand, Pocket, Shake, Proximity, Magnetic, Fusion, Split, Power
    System Requirements: Android 3.0 +
    Rights Root: Not needed
    Additional Requirements: No Information
    Resolution: No Information
    Type of installation: APK
    Author / Developer: Akshay Chordiya
    Of. site / Source: Please or Register to view links
    Language: No Information
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