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Android App App Lock (HI AppLock Pro key) [Php83.38]

Discussion in 'Android Applications' started by zharlzzz, Oct 6, 2013.


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  1. [​IMG]


    HI App Lock - is the best application for locks and privacy , it can block SMS, Instant Messengers , Facebook, Games , Gallery, Settings , and any application.
    It should be for everyone , because the protection of privacy is the most important for each person , take action NOW!
    Compared with other applications blocking , HI App Lock is a simple, powerful and reliable with less memory / battery.
    NO advertising, most of the features for free, just for a few extra features , you need a Pro Key.
    HI App Lock can block SMS, Instant Messengers , Facebook, Games , Gallery, Settings and lyubyedrugie application.

    With HI App Lock, you can:
    * Hide your data from prying eyes ;
    * Prevent the installation of unwanted applications ;
    * Do not let the phone was spoiled children;
    Normal functions ( no ads, completely free of charge ) :
    * Protect any application using the numeric keypad or a pattern lock
    * Re- lock : Each time , as long as the screen is off . , 1/3/5 minutes
    * Support for multiple profiles : a variety of blocked applications may have different passwords (only HI App Lock has such a feature)
    * Widget for quick locking / unlocking
    * Quick switch lock in the status bar
    * You can prevent applications from being deleted (Settings Lock , Google Play Store, Installer / Udalyalschik )
    * Can block incoming or outgoing calls
    * Theme support
    * HI App Lock can be added to the administrators devices , thereby preventing it from being deleted
    * HI App Lock will automatically restart at the completion of the task killer programs , thus reliably protecting your privacy
    * Low memory consumption and save battery.

    Functions Pro:
    * The false error message
    * Random keyboard
    * Hide icon HI App Lock of programs
    * Multi Function . lock
    * The auto . tasks (tasker)
    * The masking as a calculator

    TIPS *** ***
    1. If you are using the Windows Task Manager, it is recommended to lock our application to prevent the killing of HI App Lock, although, as a rule , HI App Lock will auto-restart every 5 seconds , when it will be killed.
    2 . Use the " Add to administrators " to prevent HI App Lock from deletion.
    3 . You can re- establish its policy of closure , "As long as the screen is off . " To reduce the time of entering a password.
    4 . If you can not remove the application ,
    a. Go to Settings- > Security-> Device Administrators and uncheck HI App Lock
    b. Remove the application as usual.

    HI KidsZone - let the kids play safely in your phone, your child will be happy and you are the same, is not it safer.

    1. The selection of suitable applications for the games children play and limit them
    2. You can select avtozakrytie network connection mode KidsZone
    3. You can set a time limit for the game that children were able to rest
    4. Perhaps block incoming call using the HI AppLock

    HI PhotoLock is the best tool to lock and hide your private photos by password
    Completely free, very fast and smooth

    ★ Features :
    1. Lock the selected images in the locked folders to hide these images from standard gallery
    2 . Unlocking the image of the locked folder if you do not want to hide them
    3 . Support batch lock / unlock image
    4 . Support for blocking all albums in one touch
    5 . Support classification folders with images
    5 . Support for viewing images
    6. Clean and simple to use user interface , great UE
    7. Accelerated data caching in gallery
    8. Integration with HI AppLock, can be used as a plug-

    ★ Future features :
    1. Hiding HI PicLock from the main menu
    2 . Removing the camera, just go and take a photo directly into a locked folder , hidden from the gallery

    ★ Tips:
    1. When removing HI PhotoLock you will not lose blocked images
    Reinstalling will return back blocked images

    System Requirements: Android 2.1 +
    Rights Root: No Information
    Additional Requirements: No Information
    Resolution: No Information
    Type of installation: APK
    Author / Developer: Hi App Team
    Of. site / Source: Please or Register to view links
    Language: ENG

    Hope you will like this ONE mga IDOL :thumbsup:

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