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Smart & TalknText Apn tricks (for better internet speed)

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by Reymart09, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. Reymart09

    Reymart09 Addict Established

    - Operator: Smart
    - APN: internet
    - Proxy:
    - Port: 8080

    - Service Provider: Smart
    - APN: internet.smarts.ru
    - Username: internet
    - Password: internet

    Additional Apn trick (Romania)

    - Service Provider: Orange
    - APN: wap
    - Proxy:
    - Port: 8799
  2. devastator31

    devastator31 Addict Established

    Pwde ba to sa tnt boss?
    Reymart09 likes this.
  3. Reymart09

    Reymart09 Addict Established

    Pwede yan smart tnt sun lang
    devastator31 likes this.
  4. asan ps dyan sir??
    Reymart09 likes this.
  5. Reymart09

    Reymart09 Addict Established

    Yung Romania lang may ps
    Yung sa taas wala
  6. devastator31

    devastator31 Addict Established

    Tnx boss
    Reymart09 likes this.
  7. mark1718

    mark1718 Eternal Poster Established

    Pang psiphon ba yan boss?
  8. Mrkisame

    Mrkisame Enthusiast Established

    Nalupit bato sa speed bro
  9. migx99

    migx99 Addict Established

  10. Helpless113

    Helpless113 Addict Established

  11. phio123

    phio123 Journeyman Established

  12. thanks for sharing...
  13. YAKSU

    YAKSU Addict Established

  14. Bhen23

    Bhen23 Forum Expert Established

  15. junrie86

    junrie86 Addict Established

    pa try nito ts... thanks sa share... (y)
  16. waiting for fb, bm muna para kay sir. thanks for sharing.
  17. jhoms21

    jhoms21 Addict Established

  18. tarere

    tarere Addict Established

  19. Lala15

    Lala15 Addict Established

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