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Anong feeling mo nung di ka na leecher?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by AnikaNishie, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Yung feeling na
    wow member na talaga ako !
    and i keep on posting to make my rank higher !
    excited palage ako makatanggap ng trophy
    tapos una ko na bnubuksan ang PHC kesa sa FB
    haha .. kayo po mga ka-PHC ?
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  2. Paano ba matangal sa Pagiging Leecher :(
    anu requirement?
  3. Ay Tipaklong na pala ako :D
  4. Grasshopper ka na ahh :)
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  5. hahaha oh dito ka pa ata naging Grasshopper?? Congrats po hahaha .. so anung feeling ??
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  6. First Of all I want to take this Oppartunity to give thanks to all the PHC members who helped me To be a Grasshopper o a Dakilang Tipaklong Thank You.. OMG I feel So Blessed ! I can't Believe this at first I was Like Sipsip(Leecher) But now I'm a Full Grown Mighty Grasshopper hahahaha :ROFLMAO: :LOL: :jump:
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  7. keep on posting poh hahaha para tumaas pa !! hihi ..
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  8. hahaha Tama Yan ^_^ hahahaha Good Suggestions :D Like Like din pag may time ^_^
  9. ako din... ano na po status ko?
  10. ako din... ano na po status ko?
  11. Ahm, galit ako sa mga leecher! :ROFL:

    Keep on posting, with sense saka iwas :offtopic: tsaka, :spam: para magevolve, ito at marami ang sasaya.

    'keep on sharing is the best' (y)
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  12. Please or Register to view links , leecher ka parin... keep on spamming like this 'asdfkgdjjdkl' haha.. (y)
    @sa tipaklong keep on jumping :jump:
  13. keep on spamming and soon you will be Banned.
  14. leecher din ako :o how come . ilang post at trophy para di na leecher :chin:
  15. ^just keep on posting, by posting you may share what we dont know, its a give and take/take and give. Ganyan ang,forum. Pero kung TAKE-TAKE ka lang, eh mawawalan ng gana MAGSHARE therefore, NO SHARE, NO GIVE, NO TAKE AT ALL. (y)
  16. ganon pa rin naman ehh basta enjoy lang dito sa site
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