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Android will not on or charge please HELP!

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by iCodix, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. iCodix

    iCodix Eternal Poster Established

    Good day mga ka PHC pwede po ba humingi ng tulong sa inyo? ung cellphone ko kase ayaw mag on at mag charge. may iba bang paraan para ma turn on to? Pahelp po. salamat! :)

    LG E425 po ung brand ng cp ko..
  2. Baka naman po sir. subrang Lowbat charge mu Lang po after 5 mins
  3. iCodix

    iCodix Eternal Poster Established

    ginawa ko na po sir pero wala paring nangyayari :(
  4. anu po ba nangyari sa phone mo before di sya mag open ?
  5. iCodix

    iCodix Eternal Poster Established

    chinarge ko sa pc, tas naghahang po sya sa liit ng ram. pagkatpos nirestart ko aun di na nag on.
  6. tanggalin mo po yung battery din salpak mo uli tapos charge mo po uli sa pc. baka kase nag drain yung battery mo
  7. derx

    derx El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

    Credits to James Bond!

    If your battery has drained to zero and now the phone won’t respond then try this:

    Pull the battery
    Start out by pulling the battery out of the phone for a few minutes then put the battery back into the phone, put the phone all back together and then plug it into your ORIGINAL charger that came with the phone. Make sure that you use the original charger that came with the phone. If you don’t have the original charger then make sure that your charger is a manufacturer approved charger.

    If your battery is built into the phone and you cannot remove the battery from your smartphone then try to perform a simulated battery pull. Many phones have a method to restart the device, usually by holding down specific buttons or keys on the device.

    Check the outlet
    Sometimes we can be too close to an issue and can overlook something as simple as a wall outlet attached to a light switch that’s turned off. If the light switch is designed for turning off and on a light and the switch is off then there is no power coming from the outlet and obviously your device isn’t going to charge.

    Try a different outlet
    This can go hand in hand with the above suggestion. Try a different outlet to make sure it’s not a power socket issue.

    Try using a computer or car charger
    Using a computer or car charger instead of a wall charger can sometimes put a quick charge on your battery and get it to respond as well.

    Keep charging it
    If you have tried these methods and your phone isn’t responsive due to its battery being drained 100% then it can be difficult to get your phone to charge again. Try charging it for at LEAST a couple hours on an outlet you know to be working, even all night if possible. Lithium ion batteries can take a while to get to charge again if drained all the way. So try charging it for a while, to see if you can get it to take a charge again.

    You might need a new battery
    If you try these tips and suggestions or have tried all these things already and there is still no response, and your phone is completely dead and will not recognize a charger then you might need to try another battery.

    Try a different charger
    If you have tried a different battery then make sure you try your original charger first, as mentioned above. If there is no response then it might not be your battery but your charger that has malfunctioned and might need replacing. If you have any spare chargers try those to see if you can get a charge out of your phone.

    Replace the device
    If you have tried a different battery and a different charger and your phone is still little more than a paper weight then you should start reviewing your replacement options, especially your possible warranty options.

    Good luck
    If you check the outlet and leave your phone plugged into a charger over night then that will typically bring a dead battery back to life.
  8. iCodix

    iCodix Eternal Poster Established

    thanks for this sir..
  9. derx

    derx El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

    Credits to makeusof!

    Perform a Factory Reset From Recovery Mode
    If your Android device appears to power on and boot up normally, but a problem occurs — maybe the boot process fails, the device freezes, or it immediately reboots or shuts off — there may be a problem with your device’s software. In this case, long-pressing its power button or charging it won’t help. These methods only help you fix a device that won’t respond at all.

    There’s a hidden way to perform a factory reset of your Android device when it isn’t booting properly. Note that this will erase the contents of your Android device, resetting it back to its default state. This method should only be used in a worst case scenario when your device is unusable due to crashing or freezing software, as you’ll lose everything that isn’t synced to online services.

    First, you’ll need to access your device’s recovery mode. Turn the device off completely, then boot it up with one of the following button combinations:

    Hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power.
    Hold Volume Up + Home + Power.
    Hold Home + Power.
    Hold Volume Up + Camera.
    This will vary from device to device. If none of these combinations work, try performing a Google search with the name of your device and “recovery mode” to find the correct key combination for your device.

    The device will boot to a screen with an Android and an open chest panel if you’re successful. Press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons until the Recovery mode option appears on the screen. Press the Power button and your device will reboot into recovery mode.

    Hold Power and tap Volume Up. Select the wipe data/factory reset option with the Volume Up and Volume Down keys and tap Power. Select the Yes option and tap Power to continue.
  10. jjarongay

    jjarongay Forum Veteran Established

    Try mo i Hard reset. Search ka lang sa google example "LG E425 hard reset"
  11. iCodix

    iCodix Eternal Poster Established

    di po gumagana. walang lalabas ng LOGO.
  12. jjarongay

    jjarongay Forum Veteran Established

    Try mo pull out battery then put it back again taz press and hold vol - , home key ang power key
  13. jjarongay

    jjarongay Forum Veteran Established

  14. Lawliet_1

    Lawliet_1 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    try this basic:
    remove the micro sd, sim card and battery
    charge the phone without battery
    try to open it
    (yung ibang cp nag oopen without battery)

    if di nag open balik mo si battery then plugin again
    derx likes this.
  15. iCodix

    iCodix Eternal Poster Established

    sige po sir try ko po..
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