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Help Android phone → PC?

Discussion in 'Internet Tricks Questions' started by nobunaga, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Can somebody please teach me how do I connect or use my android phone to share it's free internet to my PC? Or how do I do it using any sim card? Please bëâr with me. I honestly know nothing about it. Thanks in advance.
  2. bili ka ng wifi adapter para sa pc mo then share mo nalang yung via hotspot yung net mo sa pc mo
  3. Thanks for answering. Well, how about connect another android phone to PC for it is to be used as the wifi adapter? I am saying using debug mode? I will just try it myself. Thanks!
  4. parang ganito ba?
    1. samsung (main source ng internet)
    2. pc
    3. iphone

    samsung to pc = pwede
    samsung to iphone = pwede
    pc to iphone = hindi pwede why? (dahil para wide connection na yan either pwede naman sya pero prehas na mabagal hindi tulad pag sa main source ka kumukuha)

    hindi ko sya maexplain ng mabuti pero dapat kukunek ka lang sa main source mo
  5. Hmm, sort of. Is it the same of what I'm thinking which is..
    1. android phone x
    2. android phone y
    3. pc

    Connect android phone x to pc using debug mode and use it as your 'wifi adapter' (Is it possible? Yes, I guess.)
    Then use android phone y as the source of internet.

    Is that possible?
    Thanks for discussing it with me, man.

    Or can it be that I can share the internet from my android phone to pc thru debug mode?
  6. what do you mean by debug mode?
  7. ataypildi

    ataypildi Enthusiast Established

    google "psiphon + pdanet".
  8. What's pdanet?
  9. ataypildi

    ataypildi Enthusiast Established

    google is your friend.
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