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Android device adblocker

Discussion in 'Android Applications' started by Shadows07, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. must read!
    *your warranty is now void.
    * i am not responsible for bricked devices, dead sd cards, nuclear disasters
    * please do some research before using this mod!
    * you are choosing to make these modifications

    an ad blocker that uses the hosts file. the hosts file contains a list of mappings between hostnames and ip addresses. when an app requests an ad, that request is directed to which does nothing. there are options to run a web server to respond to blocked hostnames and to direct requests to the ip address of your choosing. you can download hosts files from the app but it is possible to use your own and to add certain sites to the white- and black-lists.


    • busybox v1.24.1(recommended stericsons busybox Please or Register to view links)
    • minimal ~5mb free space on system partition for hosts file
    how to use:
    1.download adblocker.pdf from android file host
    ito ang link : Please or Register to view links

    2. remove .pdf extension
    3. copy adblocker file to /system/bin
    4. set permissions to 755 (see how to set permission below)
    5. open terminal and type
    $ su
    $ adblocker

    how to set permission

    1. if you are using terminal, run this code
    $ su
    $ busybox chmod 755 /system/bin/adblocker

    2. or you can use any root file manager, go to file properties of adblocker and you will see
    permissions, 755 must to look like this


    credits: paget96 of xdadevelopers
  2. ako ad away lang ginagamit ko wala pa akong gagalawin sa system files. pero TS.
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  3. working ts.thanks
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  4. :happy:

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