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Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by Harmione, May 22, 2016.

  1. Advantages VPN:

    • Can open blocked sites and hide IP address is replaced with the Public IP VPN.
    • VPN can work in the public network are like a WiFi hotspot or a private network. See how it works it contains VPN includes a flexible network.
    • VPN into a cost effective solution for business organizations by using a special network.
    • Have high levels of security, using a VPN connection users can surf safely, including through a WiFi hotspot.
    • By using a VPN users can access a computer or network from anywhere that has an internet connection.
    Disadvantages VPN:

    VPN requires attention in setting clear security system to prevent acts of cyber crime. This is due to the provision of public access.
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  2. Salamat sa info madam!! :)
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  3. SoftICE

    SoftICE PHC Master Established

    Maraming salamat sa info tol!
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  4. Your welcome tol :)
  5. Kiko14

    Kiko14 Honorary Poster Established

    Thanks for the info ts.
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  6. dwardz92

    dwardz92 Eternal Poster Established

    Thanks po for the info
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  7. Your welcome po :)... Paki like narin po :X3::pigeon:
  8. thanks po sa info
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  9. pokz5

    pokz5 Forum Veteran Established

    Salamat sa info mam.:D
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  10. disadvantage: pwede malaman ng owner ng vpn pinag gagagawa mo hehehe
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  11. Yup in short pwedeng ma hack hahaha
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  12. davet1669

    davet1669 Addict Established

    un pla yun tnx ts
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  13. Your welcome po :)
  14. keep sharing [​IMG]
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  15. Hehe pa like na rin po:X3:
  16. rintaru

    rintaru Addict Established

    Salamat sa info mam.:)
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