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[AD] [EsmeraldaMu] :: [eX:702] :: [x400] :: [22.November] :: [GRAND OPENING] ::

Discussion in 'Browser Games' started by MuEsmeralda, Nov 18, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    [ Grand Opening ]
    [ 22. November 2013 ]​

    I want to introduce you to Esmeralda MuOnline 1st of 3! servers. We are young MuOnline group who try research best gameplay mode for each player's taste. We tried make compromise between oldschool players / young players and newest server Seasons.
    We use licensed server files eX:702 from IGC-Network. We have good hosting company support. We have true addicted MuOnline administration.
    Server international / GLOBAL ! We ask every one of you guys. Connect, Play and give your suggestions for even MORE BETTER GAMEPLAY. This is not that place where you wont be heard. Be with us, VOTE FOR US!


    Server configuration:
    Server value:
    Zen / Jewels
    Experience: x400
    Master level exp: x300
    Max stats: 32767 / 32000 recommended
    PPL: Standart
    Set party exp: x320 / x420 / x500 / x600

    Reset & Grand Reset system:
    Reset reward = 200wCoin / save stats
    Grand Reset = 40 reset / Stats burn / add 4000 Item Shop credits / add 12`000 free stats*GR count

    Rage Fighter & Summoner from 1st level

    In-Game System:
    Mu CashShop, Goblin Points, New Atribute / Elemental item system (HOT), Pentagram system, Full complete 300lvl skill tree for all races! (HOT), Duel System, Mary System

    New Jewel packaging up to 30 units: Jewel of Chaos, Jewel of Life, Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Harmony, Jewel of Guardian, Low Refining Stone, High Refining Stone

    Selupan - every 8h, drop 8 items, (+ all new ex702 set`s & weapons), HP/DSR/DEF/ATT increased [party mode]
    Balgass - drop 3 items, drop bag increased (+ all new ex702 set`s & weapons) [party mode]
    BloodCastle - ribbon, choccolate box reward, drop from box = Jewels bundle / Feather etc cool stuff
    Devil Square - Dark Elf drop +5kundun items / 380lvl / socket items/ all ex702 items
    Kalima - 7 anc item drop, HP/DSR/DEF/ATT increased [party mode]

    More: Imperial Guardian Fort Event (HOT), Doppleganger, Battle Soccer, Red Dragon Invasion, Medusa Boss etc

    Maps: Acheron, Santa`s Village, Kalrutan 1 & 2, Original mini maps

    [ Contact ]

    Website: Please or Register to view links
    Forum: Please or Register to view links

    [ Soc. Network ]

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    [ Coming soon ]
    [ 6th December 2013 ]

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