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Accountancy Thread (Guide, Sharing and Preparing for Board Exam)

Discussion in 'Academic & Campus Talk' started by 6bente3, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. First thread of mine.

    Any accountancy candidate or graduate who plans to take the board may refer to this thread.

    We may share our thoughts on how to effectively study accounting, how to pass the board exam or just to make knowledge on the course.

    Let's provide what others need.

    Share any of your soft copy (accounting related/board subject/solution manual/ebook/).

    You can post on this thread of what you need and others or i may provide your request.

    Thank you!
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  2. Review Guide Tips and Tricks
    We have the potential to be what GOD has destined us to be and prosper beyond our imagination. The GOD's plan concerning our life is a plan of prosperity not failure. HE never wanted us to be fruitless but rather to be fruitful. HE has also given us the go ahead to create our own world. Unfortunately some people are ignorant of this. We have been given the power to change our bad situation to better and effect positive changes, be it in your profession, finances, education - whatever it is, we can change it. It is our responsibility to change our situation to better. We can create and design our world and live happily as we desire. We have all that we need to achieve our goals in life. Put in your effort today, avoid procrastination, be strong, do not give up yet, do not stop trying, and do not stop working hard because your reward is success. Believe in yourself and be confident because you have the potential to succeed and become a CPA.

    Success is a journey. Success is a mental attitude. Success is a way of living joyfully. Success is as individual as you are. Success is taking one small step forward at a time and doing it continuously. Success is making today as good a day as you can. Success is making one thing in your life just a little bit better than it was yesterday. Success is following your heart. Success is a choice. And in every moment that you choose to listen to your deep inner knowing, and to keep moving forward persistently and joyfully, success is yours.

    Things to Remember for a Successful CPA Review (Credits to ReSA)

    1. Do it for the right reason(s). Who does not hope to win has already lost. So believe in yourself, work hard and you will emerge as a winner.

    2. Assess your situation. You must know where you are before you determine how to get where you want to be. " Never underestimate your own intelligence and never overestimate the intelligence of others."

    3. Make a commitment. Passing the Board Exam should be one promise that you keep to yourself. If you want it bad enough, you'll find a way to get it done. Remove your fear. Remember everything we want is on the other side of fear! so to be successful, you have to overcome the fear of failure.

    4. Prepare! There are (3) types of preparation: preparation for: competence, speed and endurance.

    5. Live in the Present. Focus. Be where you are. The past is gone - all you can do is learn from it. (what works, what doesn't). The future is uncertain. All you have is the present. Make the most of it, and you will have no regrets. Nothing beats going to sleep, greatly exhausted, but victorious - knowing you gave your best.

    "I never quite understood why people neglect to see what is right in front of them. Life is moving while they just stand and watch. Minutes, days, and hours pass and by the time they realize it, that opportunity ceases to exist."

    6. Be a professional. Being a professional requires that you go ahead with the review, no matter how you feel, and no matter what the circumstances are. True winners do not stop when the going gets tough.

    7. Be a problem solver. Treat every difficulty as an opportunity, a chance to become a better person. Problems should make you stronger, not weaker. Do not wither under problems or try to avoid them - instead, be brave and actively seek problems and immediately work on the solution

    8. God is in control. No matter how hard the review becomes, no matter how hard the Board question seem, remember there is Someone who is always in control. If things seem to be getting out of hand, do not panic. God is in control - if you let Him be.

    Also Remember: In life we may not always be victorious... however, with your strong desire to always compete, never give-up mentality and a positive attitude, you will never truly know defeat!
  3. EARZE

    EARZE PHC Contributor Established

    thanks for sharing boss.. (y)
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  4. accountancy ka din ba?
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  5. EARZE

    EARZE PHC Contributor Established

    hindi boss keep sharing.. (y)
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  6. haha, salamat po sa pagbisita, mukhang wala akong kapwa cpa dito, haha
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  7. Hahaa, Good luck sa board mo boss
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  8. salamat!
  9. Thanks for sharing
  10. cruiser7

    cruiser7 Addict Established

    Baka po may solman kayo for cost accounting nila carter raiborn at kinney phil. Edition
  11. carter at horngren po mron ako, tb lng mron ako ky raiborn
  12. chxmagnet18

    chxmagnet18 Enthusiast Established

    ako po aspiring cpa palang. tnx for sharing. kung may pdf reviewers ka, pashare na din po. salamaaatttt
  13. Goodluck,

    Matagal na kong CPA napadaan lang din ako. Honestly dati nag t-try din talaga akong mag share ng mga materials lalo na sa mga desidido talaga kaya ginawa ko yung blogsite na ph accountancy. Search nyo na lang kung may makikita pa kayong materials kasi matagal ko ng di inu update yun. Naging sobrang busy kasi ako after board. Goodluck guys.
  14. Hahaha ang katotohanang walang CPA ang magsisipag magshae ng review materials :3 unless close friend mo sila ~
  15. meron na po sir :) keep sharing
  16. review materials nga po mga sir. graduating na po ako. :) need to pass the board :) please : ) thanks
  17. vinvergz

    vinvergz Grasshopper Established

    May guide/ebook po ba kayo (yung guide/ebook na pwede maintindihan ng hindi accounting major) about sa fundamental analysis ng mga public companies and company stocks?
  18. pashare naman po ng review materials...
  19. anong subject?
  20. kung ano pong avail. MAS, Aud prob, Aud theory, FAR 1,2,3, RFBT,...Salamat.

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