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Help About ehi

Discussion in 'Globe & TM Questions' started by travelersblackbook, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. I am using the default APN in the android settings mobile network ( Please or Register to view links).

    Used tcpvpn for making an account.

    Username was always "tcpvpn.com-(the username that you type before clicking create)"

    Password: your password

    SSH Port: 22

    Payload Generator: used was Please or Register to view links

    Why is it that when I clicked start (Http Injector):

    It always stay in the "Start tunnel service" for a long time then it will show...

    "Connection Lost"
    "Problem in SSH Connection thread during connecting to / (port 8080): connect failed: ETIMED OUT (Connection timed out)
    Stopped - Proxy Server
    Stopped - Network Task
    [Stop] service requested
    Injector Service Stopped
    Wakelock released

    All the tuorials that I did always show that error when I do it on my own. What the heck....

    Anyone care to help?
  2. henjie

    henjie Forum Expert Established

    expired yung ehi file?
  3. No, I am making my own ehi but it won't even connect in the first place.

    I cannot reach the "Buffering" stage when looking at the "LOG" info.

    I am stuck in the "Start tunnel service"

    I cannot connect to the SSH, using new account and I input the correct username and password and port 22 already.

    Cannot see the "Status: 200 (Connected Established) Successful - the action requested by the client was successful.
  4. atongpogi

    atongpogi Grasshopper Established

    Does the google DNS ticked?
  5. Rukuzeki

    Rukuzeki Eternal Poster Established

  6. Yes Google DNS was ticked.

    MGC APN you mean this?

    name: myglobe connect
    apn: Please or Register to view links

    Yes I used that.


    Using LG G3 D855 never-rooted smartphone on Marshmallow 6

    EDIT: assuming I can connect... usually will I get 4g speed or just 3g speed?
  7. Rukuzeki

    Rukuzeki Eternal Poster Established

    Try mo mg'create ng SSH account sa bestvpnssh.com
  8. mgc, yan ito default http.globe.com.ph
  9. Yes I did create it there from bestvpn.ssh.com

    Server Host: jp.bestvpnssh.net / IP:
    User: ipbvs.com-test77
    Pass: test77
    Port OpenSSH: 22
    Date Created: 2016-08-15
    Date Expired: 2016-08-19

    I followed those tuts on ÿôutubê... and even in here.. why can't I connect :(

    Do I have to be at Zero load? or No data or non promo subscribed?

    Edit: I keep on capitalizing "I" yet it shows it on lower case when I post

    Still nothing..

    []Start tunnel Service
    []Notice: Couldn't Initiate I/O connection: failed to connect to / (port 8080): connect failed: ETIMEDOUT (Connection timed out)
    []Stopped - Proxy Server
    []Stopped - Network Task
    []Connection Lost
    []Problem in SSH connection thread during connecting - The keyTimeout (60000 ms) expired.

  10. atongpogi

    atongpogi Grasshopper Established

    Does you ticked online host when you create payload?
  11. Yes.. I followed everything to the smallest detail...

    online payload...
    With or without Forward host...
    ugghh... so annoying... why won't it connect to SSH? I picked japan in bestvpn site..... zzzzzzz

    Ano ba yung sekreto na hindi sinasabi ng may alam na?

    URL/Host ba sa Payload generator ?
    Remote Proxy- ip/.port ? hindi ba ito yung lang ? Or papalitan din yan?

    Yung SSH account kasi madali lang.

    Need din ba Squid proxy yung ilalagay sa Remote Proxy- ip/.port ?

    Please or Register to view links - to look for remote squid proxy na dapat tugma din sa SSH server country na ginawa mo?
    kung anu ano na pinag gggawa ko hay. All those tutorials in ÿôutubê don't really help....

    I am stuck in here...
    []System Proxy
    []Local IP: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    []Starting listening local port 8989
    []Starting - Network Task
    []Remote Proxy Address:
    []Listening for incoming connection
    []Start tunnel service
    []Buffer Size: 32767
    []Running - Proxy Thread
    []Formatted Payload: CONNECT [host_port][protocol][crlf]Host:h.phcorner.net[crlf]X-Online-host:h.phcorner.net[crlf]X-Forward-Host: h.phcorner.net[crlf]Connection:Keep-Alive[crlf][crlf]
    []Running - Proxy Thread
    ******After waiting for several minutes*****
    []Connection Lost

    pa share naman how to diagnose and treat this problem.....

    Nung una kala ko gumanana, yun pala naubos na data ko pala. Ginagamit pala data...
    Kala ko free internet ito, na kahit walang data/load gagana ito ??
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2016
  12. malburn

    malburn Grasshopper Established

    Ako connected 200 na ..password auth available..etc... sa last cannot connect ako... wrongname and password daw eh tama naman yung ginawa ko na binigay ng bestvpn at tcpvpn hays
  13. querl

    querl Addict Established

  14. Katulad din saken hirap ?
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