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About dns(fyi)

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by johnresh, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. johnresh

    johnresh Addict Established

    Top 6 free DNS services 2016 - public DNS services
    Easy to remember for IPv4 on with its backup on, users will expect and get high availability a lot of filtering and security such as DNSSEC as standard. Since Google’s business is advertising, it’s very much a one size fits all model with no configuration to speak of. The standard-setter for public DNS, Google is one of the fastest too. Google collects data on users as it does from all its services although in the case of DNS it should be impersonal. If you can put up with that, this is definitely the one to beat.


    Now part of the Cisco empire, the primary is with a backup on Home users can simply adjust their DNS to point at one of the above but OpenDNS also offers the service wrapped up in three further tiers of service, Family Shield, Home, and VIP Home, the latter having a subscription fee of $19.95 (£14) per annum. These come with varying levels of filtering and security, including parental control, anti-phishing protection and, on the subscription tier, web whitelisting.


    Norton ConnectSafe
    Available in its basic form on (backup with other servers specified to filter content such as ****, file sharing, abortion, mature content. Also offered as Norton ConnectSafe for Business.


    Comodo Secure DNS
    Rather like Google in that there is no configuration – using the service is simply a matter of switching to the services primary and backup servers on and


    Available on and,
    DNS.Watch is almost unique in offering an alternative DNS service without the website logging found on most others. We quote: “We're not interested in shady deals with your data. You own it. We're not a big corporation and don't have to participate in shady deals. We're not running any ad network or anything else where your DNS queries could be of interest for us.”


    VeriSign Public DNS
    Not to be outdone, VeriSign recently started offering public servers on and Interestingly, the company made a big point is saying it would not collect data on users of the service, a sign that privacy is starting to become something companies believe they can market themselves on. What VeriSign gets from this setup is intelligence on the sorts of malicious sites real users attempt to visit.
    It is important to remember that there is probably no single DNS service that will do the job for everyone. The one that delivers the best performance for one company or individual might not do so for someone else. This is why it is important to run some tests.

    Based on my researches,Google DNS talaga pinaka good para sa HTTP Injector,kung nagbabagal kayo ang connection niyo sa HTTP INJECTOR at akala niyo sa dahil sa DNS ito.Nagkakamali kayo,naka depende yan sa phone mo or sa location mo,at kung MGC gamit mo wag kana aasang bibilis yan kapag nagpalit ka ng DNS,mabagal talaga MGC yung average speed niya talaga is 60kbps,Di tataas download speed yan kahit anu lang orasyon gawin mo(charot).

    At kaya favorite VPN App ko ang HTTP INJECTOR,makapit sya,hindi sya bumibitaw kahit mababa signal mo,ang disadvantage niya naman is malakas kumain sya sa RAM ,34MB lang naman kinukuha niya sa RAM mo at gumagamit sya ng internet kaya lakas mang drain battery.


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  2. shaney31

    shaney31 Addict Established

    thanks sa info boss.
  3. hudzy

    hudzy Enthusiast Established

    tnx sa info boss
  4. toytoy31

    toytoy31 Forum Veteran Established

    boss,thanks sa share...
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  5. boszdaniel

    boszdaniel Addict Established

    Ano magandang gamitin dyan na DNS?
    yan ok naman siya combi sa globe
  7. opendns ok yan matagal ko ng gamit
  8. boszdaniel

    boszdaniel Addict Established

    Ok din for TM
  9. Like ko to. Thanks sa info
  10. jatjat00

    jatjat00 Eternal Poster Established

  11. thank you for the info johnresh...;)
  12. celjem

    celjem Honorary Poster Established

  13. jm4r5

    jm4r5 Forum Veteran Established

    noted po. thanks
  14. Thanks paps...yang open dns matagal ko nqng gamit kay injector...less dc sa akin minsan rin hindi nag dc..
  15. Elroso

    Elroso Enthusiast Established

  16. junrie86

    junrie86 Addict Established

    aha! lamang ang may alam! thanks sa share.. :D
  17. Hounted123

    Hounted123 Addict Established

    salamat sa information ts
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