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Question About Babad mode of Dv235t

Discussion in 'WiMAX, DSL Questions' started by jericnya002, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. jericnya002

    jericnya002 Addict Established

    Is it okay to babad my wimax . Hindi ba siya ma de-detect ni ISP?
  2. hindi samen 24/7 walang patayan :)
  3. jericnya002

    jericnya002 Addict Established

    ah thank you for the answer. Last question boss. Anong use nung function ng MyBroken na protection? I mean what can it do?
  4. it is use to custom your user names and password in different ports as well as closing them for you to not be remote :D
  5. jericnya002

    jericnya002 Addict Established

    Ah thank you po. Can I edit the username manually sa Https?
  6. uhmm in https just close all wan ports that the very important in https ang user and password naman pwede na sa mybroken yan
  7. jericnya002

    jericnya002 Addict Established

    boss sorry if I have so many questions kasi baguhan lang po :). By the way po, do I need to close all including TELNET,HTTP,HTTPS ? or should I leave https open?
  8. ganito gawin mo,,,punta ka sa https > administrator makikita mo dyan 5 or 6 na tabs yung una https under sa tab na yan untick mo yung Allow access to wan ata basta ganyan gawin mo yan sa https, ssh, telnet, at yung remaining untick mo yung enable sa natitirang tabs

    go to mybroken > protection > all accounts change mo lahat nung mga user names and password dyan then check mo rin kung naka allow access to wan yung https, telnet, ssh

    thats all (y)
  9. jericnya002

    jericnya002 Addict Established

    Boss thanks all done hehe :)
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