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Trivia A Health Crisis EMERGENCY!

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by demonic098, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. A Health Crisis EMERGENCY!
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    An Amazing Fact: Incredibly, three quarters of men in America, and nearly as many women, are overweight or obese, which exceeds the statistics of 20 years ago by a full 12 percent. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for the first time ever, Americans who are truly obese outnumber those who are simply overweight.

    Dear friend,

    Did you know Amazing Facts attracts more people with the health message through television than with any other topic? Thank you for being there for them!

    You also probably know the most common New Year’s resolutions have to do with health. Unfortunately, most of these resolutions evaporate within a week or two. This is so sad because most of the major causes of death—heart disease, diabetes, cancer, respiratory disease, stroke, etc.—are preventable or greatly postponed if people would just follow the simple keys of health found in the Bible. The financial cost for ignoring Scripture on this point is astronomical—$320 billion a year!

    But who can measure the far more painful costs of suffering premature death and the crushing grief that follows?

    The Bible is clear that our heavenly Father wants to bless all His children with abundant life, both now and eternally. Ignoring God’s principles results in a needless cycle of suffering. But the good news is that you and I can share God’s Free Health Care Plan and make an eternal difference.

    Remarkably, in nearly every instance of disease-promoting lifestyle, we can trace the actual root not just to a physical reason … but also a spiritual one. If only more of those suffering could hear what the Creator has to say about their health and well-being, I believe they would listen! And pointing the way to healing in this way opens hearts to other life-changing topics as well.

    Opening the Door
    Let me show you exactly what I mean by sharing with you a recent experience. I received a phone call from Bill, a friend I’ve known many years but hadn’t heard from in decades. He occasionally watched some Amazing Facts programs, and now he was in a hospital bed in a tangle of tubes and wires. When I came to visit him, the first thing he said was, “Doug, you look really healthy.” He’s five years younger than me, but he looked much older—probably because of his lifestyle. Are you surprised that he was truly interested when I explained that I’ve been a vegetarian for 40 years and shared the benefits of that lifestyle?

    But here’s the most important point: Because he saw that I was so concerned about his health, my friend was also very interested in what I had to say on spiritual matters.

    During Jesus’ ministry, He first healed people and then taught them. I believe He connected the two because helping people find better health not only relieves suffering, but many times it opens hearts to receiving deeper truths. That’s one reason Amazing Facts makes it a priority to share the principles of health on a continuous basis. And we’re so grateful for your part in this critical work!

    Sharing the Message
    Thousands of people contact this ministry every month with health-related prayer requests and testimonies.

    Take, for example, Darren, who writes, “An injury left me bedridden for a year in front of a small TV screen, where I happened to watchAmazing Facts Presents one day. I was interested in the health topic that was on that day, which led me to watching more episodes.” Darren was fascinated by the Sabbath topic too, and says, “I had never known or heard of this before. I thought I was a ‘Christian’ all my life but never truly had a relationship with Christ. Because of Amazing Facts on television, I did Bible studies and joined the church. My life has changed forever in so many ways because of you.”

    Can you see what your sacrificial giving is accomplishing, helping others find both physical and spiritual healing?

    Meeting the Growing Need
    Friend, as the health crisis escalates, with the Lord’s help, we can make even more of an impact this year. We must ramp up our efforts and prevent unnecessary suffering for thousands by showing them the full Light of the gospel and the proven solutions to health found in God’s Word!

    Thankfully, the New Year provides us a special opportunity at a time when many people are contemplating lifestyle improvements. Here’s what I believe God wants us to accomplish this year, with your faithful assistance:
    • Purchase more media time to saturate the airwaves with more Bible truth, including the health message.
    • Broadcast “Babylon’s Buffet,” the new health episode from ourLandmarks of Prophecy series, in January 2016, and other health programs consistently throughout the year.
    • Give away thousands of study lessons, including those on health.
    • Provide many thousands of seekers with copies of Amazing Health Facts! magazine and other spiritual- and health-oriented resourc
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