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8 Secret, Quirky Messages in Company Logos You See Everywhere

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeanh, Aug 12, 2015.

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    Baskin Robbins
    What We Thought: Who cares … it’s ice cream!

    Wrong! While stuffing our faces, we missed the 31 in the initials, as in the number of flavors the company began offering in 1953—one for every day of the month.

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    What We Thought: The grin under the letters amaz depicts CEO Jeff Bezos smiling at all the merchandise his company is moving.

    Wrong! The arrow broadcasts the wide variety of stuff—from A to Z—to be had on Amazon.

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    What We Thought: They ripped off the Bible, the bitten apple symbolizing the fruit from the tree of knowledge.

    Wrong! The designer made the bite mark for scale, so that a smaller logo would still look like an apple and not a cherry.

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    What We Thought: Honestly, we thought it just read FedEx.

    Wrong! Look again, in the space between the E and the x. Yeah, it’s an arrow pointing forward, perhaps to suggest speedy delivery.

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    What We Thought: Mmmmm … a mountain of chocolate …

    Wrong! Hey, what’s that bëâr doing on the side of that mountain of chocolate? It’s the official symbol of the Swiss town of Bern, the original home of Toblerone.

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    What We Thought: The E was on its side because someone thought it looked nice.

    Wrong! Michael Dell announced that the goal of his company was to “turn the world on its ear.” So it’s been said he started with an E.

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    What We Thought: The Wikipedia people were so busy collecting information, they forgot to finish their logo.

    Wrong! The unfinished globe, made of puzzle pieces with characters from various languages, represents the “incomplete nature” of the company’s mission to be the go-to information portal—and the fact that a site built on user submissions can never be complete.

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    Sun Microsystems
    What We Thought: A lot of U’s, as in, “U should buy Sun products.”
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