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8 Hugot Lines for Single Girls

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeanh, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Hugot #1: “Ang crush, parang math problem, kung ‘di mo makuha, titigan mo nalang.”
    You don’t have to be single to get the pain factor in this line, even if Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago said it first. There’s nothing more exciting and terrifying and painful and wonderful and sad than seeing your crush walk down the street and have him not even notice you. Why is it that your crush just managed to have that perfect face-to-personality combination, and all you can do is stare? Thanks, Senator Miriam!

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    Hugot #2: Love life? Ano ‘yun? Nakakain?”
    I’m sorry, but that is this love life that you speak of? I am not aware. A lovelife, to you is a foreign concept, reserved only for the special people who actually know what it’s like to be in love.

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    Hugot #3: “Buti pa ang sapatos, may ka-pair.”
    You know, unlike you. There’s a great possibility that you’re alone most of the time, and although that does wonders for self discovery, it’s not that fun in the môviê theater or when eating out.

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    Hugot #4: “Papano ako makaka-move on kung wala akong ma mo-move on from?”
    They say that the worst kind of pain is having had no pain at all. Nobody knows this better than you, my friend. When your friends cry to you about their friendship problems, you always feel a bit funny being the love guru, especially since you’ve never known what that feels lie.

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    Hugot #5: “Pati ba naman panget, hindi ako mahanap?”
    It’s like the universe doesn’t even want to throw you a bone here!

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    Hugot #6: “Pwes, bigyan mo ako ng options! Options, options, options, options, options…
    When you can’t have one, it just makes sense to ask for more than one, you know? So line up all the single guys in a parade, please, let’s go!

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    Hugot #7: “Sa sobrang taas ng standards ko, pwede ka nang mag bungee jump.”
    It’s great to have standards, and sometimes, even you know when it’s too high. But you believe that you should never settle, and settle you will never do.

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    Hugot #8: Single. Minsan ikaw. Laging ako.”
    You know, you’re smart, gorgeous and any guy would be lucky to be wrapped around your little finger. So where is he?! #pagodna

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  2. Thanks for sharing :)
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