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54 inexpensive date ideas for any type of couple

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by capslocked, Sep 10, 2015.

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    • Dating, as much as you can, is important for a relationship. It is quality time with that person doing something fun or enjoyable together. My parents went on dates a lot when I was growing up and I think it's one of the reasons they are still married more than 30 years later.

      Here are some inexpensive date ideas I want to share. I tried to include different date ideas for all types of couples. Hopefully, you will find an idea or two for an inexpensive date in the future.
    • 1. môviê night at home
      Rent a môviê or watch one you have already. Make some popcorn and cuddle up together and watch a môviê or two.
    • 2. Have a Netflix night at home
      Same as môviê night except you binge watch some Netflix together. We have this kind of date a lot. Snuggle up on the couch or in bed and watch something you both enjoy.

      3. Pick up ingredients for a favorite meal from the grocery store and come home and make dinner together.
    • 4. Work on a project together
      Maybe something needs to be painted or put together. Spend time doing it together and make it fun, then grab something to eat.
    • 5. Try lunch dates versus dinner dates for a lower price
    • 6. Go to the môviês
      It can be expensive but if you are able to go to a matinee, that saves a lot of money. We go to matinees a lot and then usually share a drink. Going in the day versus the night can cut the price in half.

      7. If you go out to eat, try to choose a cafe or something that is less expensive than a fancy restaurant.
    • 8. Go on a walk or a hike together
      if that is the type of thing you both enjoy. Find somewhere pretty to walk around and do it together.
    • 9. Check your city for local concerts or events that may be inexpensive
    • 10. Make it a game night
      Break out a board game and play a game together.
    • 11. Have a video game competition
      This one my husband would love for us to do. Play a Wii, X-box or a PlayStation game.
    • 12. Go on a drive together
      It won't be free since gas is still rather expensive but sometimes it's nice to go on a drive. My husband and I always have nice talks on a car ride.
    • 13. Have a spa day at home
      Take a bath together if you have a large enough tub, give each other back massages with oil or lotion. Very romantic and relaxing date.
    • 14. Go get a cup of coffee at a coffee shop together
    • 15 . Take a tour of a nearby landmark
      You both could learn something about a place together.

      16. Go walk around Ikea or another home furnishing store together and imagine how you would decorate a home.
    • 17. Look through old photos or videos together
      This is especially fun if you've been together a long time and when you have a child. You can see how much things change.
    • 18. Take a class together
      Dancing, art, cooking something.
    • 19. Go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt
    • 20. Paint your own pottery
    • 21. Have a "Make Your Own Pizza Night."
      Get creative with your toppings.
    • 22. Take a visit to the zoo
    • 23. Go rollerblading
    • 24. Go on a picnic
    • 25. Go wine tasting
    • 26. Get up, make breakfast and have breakfast in bed together
    • 27. Go miniature golfing
    • 28. Build a fire and make s'mores together outside
    • 29. Go camping
    • 30. Go bowling
    • 31. Go to a book store and go find a book that you think the other would like
      Then, if you want, buy them and take them home. Sometimes it's fun just to see what your partner would choose for you.
    • 32. Go find open houses to check out
      Just for fun.
    • 33. Go see a local play together
      Usually schools or smaller companies put on plays that are relatively inexpensive.
    • 34. Go to the beach
      We live close to one and it's fun just to walk along the beach or the pier.
    • 35. Watch a sunrise or sunset together
    • 36. Go Kayaking
    • 37. Play pool together
    • 38. Make ice cream sundaes at home and enjoy
    • 39. Have a water gun or nerf gun fight
    • 40. Go to an arcade
    • 41. Take your dog on a walk together
    • 42. Bake cookies together
    • 43. Make a bucket list together of things you want to do in your relationship
    • 44. Go to a high school sports game together. (baseball, football,etc.)
    • 45. Go play at the park
    • 46. Read a book out loud together, each taking turns reading
    • 47. Take a blanket outside and lay down and look at the stars
    • 48. Try out a new place to eat
    • 49. If you like a restaurant that is pricey, just go get drinks and dessert
      A lot cheaper but still can be a fun night out.
    • 50. Play 20 questions
      Come up with a list of 20 questions to ask each other.

    • 51. Go indoor rock climbing
    • 52. Go swimming or in a hot tub
    • 53. Go fruit picking
    • 54. Visit a nearby city or town and play tourists
      I hope this gives you some fun new inexpensive date ideas. I tried to include outdoor ideas, indoor ideas, sporty ideas, food ideas, etc., to give everyone some new choices since we all wouldn't enjoy the same type of date
  2. Thanks for sharing :)
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