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5 sure-signs that proves your android smartphone is infected

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by kuligma, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Smartphones and Tablets are very famous for tieing up a relation with cyber criminals. Let me ask you one question how big is the internet? can you explain me? I guess you will never try to figure it out. The internet is vast it’s very difficult task to estimate the actual bytes of the internet. So you can easily create an image in mind that in this vast place there must be some criminal activities, which is well known by cyber criminals.
    Around 55% of Cyber criminals target mobile users and Android is one of their favorite. But you can easily determine whether your phone is one of them which is trapped by Mobile malware. You are bound to get indications whether your phone is infected by mobile malware. I am going you to give you some valuable clues that every criminal leaf if they are accessing your Phone.

    5 Sure signs that Prove Your Android Smartphone Is Infected

    1. If you are using Android phone and if you are getting unnecessary Ads popping up in your screen too frequently then there are possible chances your phone is infected by some type of bugs or malware. The purpose of popping up ads in your home screen is simple the criminals wants you to click on that ads and they will try their level best to hack your phone and steal your precious data.

    2. Malwares can make your Pocket cry, Let me describe this line if you have malicious malware already installed in your device. It will automatically send SMS or can make a call to the various number. If you find a strange type of SMS sent while you switching on your phone, there is a possible chance of your phone been hâckêd. This is also known as phishing, hackers used to trap users Bank account details and many more important data with the help of phishing.

    3. The best way to know if your phone is Affected by ADWARE is by browsing Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Normally this site doesn’t have an advertisement, If you see such advertisement in your profile then there is a sure chance that you have installed and Adware in your phone while downloading any app.

    4. You can see a huge drop down in your battery backup. The reason behind this is, if you installed any Malware or any type of bugs in your Smartphone then it must be running in your phone’s background which is invisible and it makes your processor and ram running which makes battery goes down more frequently than normal.

    5. Now it’s time for the last one but it was more common you will find this problem in every smartphone nowadays that is the Hang problem or slow device performance. If your smartphone used to hang a lot or been continuously slowing down day by day then you must be allowing the third-party sources to access your phone. You can notice one thing here, your phone will start to hang more frequent if you had allowed third-party sources to access your phone. The possible reason behind this is your phone while downloading any app used to download such cache or file which are malicious and can damage your data.
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  2. nae8ean

    nae8ean Eternal Poster Established

    thank you sa info yung number 4 nakaka experience ako pano ma prevent yon at maayos sa dati? yumg cellphone ko ayaw mag charge ng full at ang bilis ma low batt
    kuligma likes this.
  3. thanks sa info.I've experienced number 1.pero noong tiningnan ko nangangaling sa app na sms manager which is pre-installed.pero di ko ininstall yun.remove with king root
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  4. same prob. may na.dl siguro ko na patago magrun. pano kaya ma.detect kung anong apps yun? sana matulungan mo kami mr dj este ts.
  5. razz1354

    razz1354 Enthusiast Established

    Reinstall ng fresh rom. Mas maganda yung stock rom.
    Tapos pag bago na ulit, piliin lng ang apps na iinstall mo. Yung ginagamit mo lng araw2.
  6. nae8ean

    nae8ean Eternal Poster Established

    di pa pwede covered pa to ng warranty Q_Q
  7. G Flum

    G Flum PHC Master Established

    Keep on sharing
  8. Ganun ba... Ippost ko bukas para mabypass yung warranty bukas..
  9. nae8ean

    nae8ean Eternal Poster Established

    thanks pm mo na lang sakin yung link na thread na gagawin mo ^^
    Firefly Vision 5X yung cellphone ko lollipop os version :( possible kaya ma upgrade to sa marshmallow na firmware?
  10. razz1354

    razz1354 Enthusiast Established

    Ganun ba.

    Ito nlang prevention.
    Wag mag install ng apks.
    Mas maganda install app from playstore.
    Tsaka uninstall apps na di masyadong ginagamit.

    If wala ka namang probmem sa lollipop wag kanlang mag upgrade hehe
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  11. Ano po ba ang advice niyong gawin if na ganyan?
  12. nae8ean

    nae8ean Eternal Poster Established

    :( need ko ba mag factory reset?
  13. Foej senipmulad

    Foej senipmulad Addict Established

  14. jx14

    jx14 Enthusiast Established

    bosing ano gagawin ko?
    nag iinstall nalang bigla ang phone ko kahit uninstall ko bumabalik pag magcoconnect ako sa net kahit hard reset ko na phone ko meron parin
  15. razz1354

    razz1354 Enthusiast Established

    rooted ba phone mo?
  16. jx14

    jx14 Enthusiast Established

  17. thanks for the information....
  18. anndags

    anndags Honorary Poster Established

    Yong huawei y220 ko maraming ads kahit di ako ng oopen ng apps, tapos mag aapear sa screen ang location services!
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