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5 Coolest ÿôutubê Tricks that you must Know

Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by delfermil30, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. 1.Set a Specific Start Time:
    Many times you wish to share some video on ÿôutubê with your friends but you want them to focus on some specific part of video and then you inform them the exact time duration from where they shouldstart watching it. But it is possible to share video with customized or specific start time easily. All you need to do is adding some simple code in URL.

    Lets say you are watching video on following URL :

    http :// Please or Register to view links

    Now you may simply add ” #t=01m02s ” at the end of this URL while sharing this video and it will start playing video from 1 Minute and 02 Seconds instead of it’s initial position.

    2.Set Auto Replay For Video:
    Just like a Windows Media Player where you can loop and replay your favorite audio/video song infinite times , you can do the same with ÿôutubê. All you need to do is replace ÿôutubê with infinitelooper in the URL bar and hit enter.

    Original URL : Please or Register to view links.ÿôutubê.com/watch?v=U8STgCviLe0
    Modified URL : Please or Register to view links.infinitelooper.com/watch?v=U8STgCviLe0

    It will redirect you to a new website where you can replay your video as many times as you want. It also allows a special feature , you can set a selected area for looping which means only some special part ofvideo can be set for looping. This is simply great isn’t it ?

    3.Watching Video With Slow Internet Speed:
    ÿôutubê is taking care of their all type of visitors from many different countries as well as of many different kinds of internet connections including very slow speed video strêâmïng. ÿôutubê provides a great feature called Feather Beta which allows users to enjoy videos on ÿôutubê even if they have very slow internet connection.

    Please or Register to view links feature removes the bytes which restricts the browser speed of strêâmïng video hence unleashes full capacity of browser to allow strêâmïng at rapid rate. To Use This Awesome Feature you may Please or Register to view links And click on Join the Feather Beta feature.

    4.Search Accurate Keyword:
    ÿôutubê is biggest video channel on internet and it gives birth to complexity that whenever you search for any video title , as a result you get thousands of results for same keyword. This makes it really challenging to find that video which you really want to watch. But there is a simple trick by using which you will be provided with videos having exactly same keywords as you have entered in search bar and no inappropriate stuff.

    Please or Register to view linksSimply add allintitle: in the beginning of the keyword you want to search and it will show results having exactly same keywords as you searched.

    5.Always Play Videos In HD:
    If you have a high speed internet connection and you love watching videos in HD then this trick is for you. Most of the time videos on ÿôutubê channels have default settings and when you play them , they start with low quality in order to stream at faster rate but if you want all videos to be played in HD by default when you click them you can simply install an Add-on in your browser named Magic Actions Forÿôutubê . This Add-on is available for Mozilla Firefox as well as google chrome . Once you installed this Add-on in your browser enable the Auto HD option.
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    boss di kana ata natutulog haha Thanks dito
  4. ur welcome idol... Enjoy!! nga pala natutulog din naman ako un nga lang kunti hehehe
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    haha ganun ba nga pala boss may alam kaba paraan para ma fix bootloop ko na o+8.52 8gb 6 months na kasi syang ganto na delete ko kasi framework-res.apk no back up no cwm thanks kung alam mo sir kung hindi ok lang the best ka padin (y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
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