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Globe 204 no more! 170 pesos almost unli text and call!

Discussion in 'Globe Telecom & Touch Mobile' started by SpitzII, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. SpitzII

    SpitzII Eternal Poster Established

    GOCOMBOAKCOF139 send to 8888
    GOCTCOMBOGKA14 send to 8888
    GOTSCOMBOHAA17 send to 8888
    170 Pesos po lahat

    139- Foundation
    14- 1k text all networks
    17- 500mins call


    (Credits to the owner)
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  2. Pholl14

    Pholl14 Addict Established

    sa 204 pa rin ako, may data na kasama.
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  3. dragonoid

    dragonoid Addict Established

    Ano po ba ang 139
  4. ano po yung 139-foundation?
  5. SpitzII

    SpitzII Eternal Poster Established

    I dont know paps ni repost ko lang yan hehe


    Hehe good to know!!
  6. ano po yung sa 204?
    pa-details naman po, ty
  7. bekoy

    bekoy Eternal Poster Established

    thanks for sharing
  8. SpitzII

    SpitzII Eternal Poster Established

    Wc paps.

    Np paps :)

    Haha iwan tanong kay Pholl14 :)
  9. Thanks boss,
  10. SpitzII

    SpitzII Eternal Poster Established

    Haha wc paps at wc sa phc. More exploring you here!!
  11. algeic

    algeic Addict Established

    pwede ba to sa tm
  12. SpitzII

    SpitzII Eternal Poster Established

    Yes paps

  13. Flamemaster09

    Flamemaster09 Addict Established

    Boss wala poh bang no need load
  14. mga master,
    pwede hingi paanu yong 204 na merong data kasama?

    thank you po....
  15. SpitzII

    SpitzII Eternal Poster Established

    Haha mag load ka dyan paps.. read up

    Di ko alam kong pano yan.
  16. kulit

    kulit Addict Established

    ayos yan sir/
  17. ok po.. :-)
  18. kulit

    kulit Addict Established

    pano sir ung 204?
  19. Hello. Hindi ko alam kung gumagana to sa ibang area pero dito sa Albay, working to. Ito yung gamit ko ning Summer til now.
    GOCOMBOAKCOF139 send to 8888 (10min call to Globe/TM, 20texts to all networks)
    TXT15 send to 2170 (sa ibang area ata GOTXT15 to 8888) (3, 000 texts to all networks)
    GOCTCOMBOGKA14 send to 8888 (500min call to Globe/TM, 20 texts to all networks)

    So all in all, Php168 for 510min call to Globe/TM and 3040 texts to all networks for 1 month.
    PS. Not sure tho kung working to sa area nyo. :)
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