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16 simple ways to bring more fun to your marriage

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by capslocked, Aug 31, 2015.

    • 1. Make a treasure map for your spouse that leads to an unexpected gift for them to discover.
    • 2. Send flirtatious and steamy text messages to each other throughout the day.
    • 3. Find a karaoke night and sing a duet together.
    • 4. Next time you're at the mall, start speaking to each other in a made up foreign accent and see if anyone notices.
    • 5. Plan a one-day roadtrip once a month to visit a nearby town or attraction you've never seen together.
    • 6. Have a "Game Night" once a month with some couple friends. Those are always good for some laughs.
    • 7. Pull the car over and make out once in awhile.
    • 8. Make a list of your all-time top ten favorite môviês and then make some popcorn, cuddle on the couch and watch one every week.
    • 9. Make your own "bucket list" and start checking off items together.
    • 10. Go to Walmart and see who can count the most mullets.
    • 11. Get an ice cream cone and go on a walk.
    • 12. Get a list of upcoming local events and go to something you've never been to before.
    • 13. Learn a foreign language together and practice it by writing each other love notes.
    • 14. Break out your childhood photos and spend a night going through them together.
    • 15. One night, rent a luxury car, dress up like môviê stars, and go out on the town.
    • 16. Never stop creating new adventures and dreaming new dreams together!
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